Karrot can be used not only to organize food saving, but also bike saving! Bike Kitchens in Gothenburg, Sweden are open DIY bike workshop run by volunteers.

They use Karrot to communicate and coordinate when and who is keeping the workshop open and where they will pick up abandoned bikes that anyone can take home after fixing them in the workshop. If you already have your own bike to fix, just drop by, borrow the tools and get some help if needed!

All 100% non-commercial and volunteer-driven!

How to organize and distribute tasks in a community/grassroots project when the number of people and locations are more than just a few?

On Karrot, people who pick up food waste at supermarkets, bakeries and restaurants, can self-assign to do these pickups and everybody in their group can see clearly who's participating, when and where it's taking place.

Here is a screenshot of how we use this feature in our food saving and sharing project in Gothenburg, Sweden.

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Inventaire is a free open source platform for cataloguing and sharing physical books, with its own database of titles built upon Wikidata.

You can follow the project at:


The website is at inventaire.io

#Inventaire #Books #Authors #Reading #Libraries #Sharing #BookSharing #WikiData #FLOSS #FOSS #Libre

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Why Mastodon and the fediverse are “doomed to fail”

-> a small rant about how the profit lens distorts our understanding of success vs. failure:


Want to know actual stories of people and groups using Karrot to save and share food?

Check them out here:

Next up I'd like to write more about one of Karrot's main features: creating and self-assigning pickups/activities at a certain place and time.

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Currently toots are by social.coop/@nicksellen but hopefully I'll lure more of us into this 😎

Me and social.coop/@bruno are active on the project.

Looking forward to connecting with more fediverse people about karrot and related stuff! ❤️

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Hey :) This is an account for karrot - an open source community organising platform focused on resource saving and sharing.

We're currently being used by a bunch of groups around Europe who save and share food from being wasted (see karrot.world/#/groupPreview), but heading towards general community organising uses too.

We're into stuff like participatory design, democratic process, non/less-hierarchical structure.

We're open source (you can use our main instance, or self-host).


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