I don't write much on here, as it's not where our community is right now (maybe potential community though!).

We've been interviewing groups that use Karrot, and wow, that gives me a lot motivation to keep working on Karrot.

Group that organise in this flexible, fluid way that can adapt to local situations, e.g. supporting Ukrainian refugees. Not narrowly focused "productivity" groups (although that energy exists too I'm sure).

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💻 I did a presentation today on the topic of "Funding Free Software projects in a transparent way"

🔗 The presentation is available here github.com/nicksellen/funding-

🧵 I'll make a little thread here as a "fedi edition" of the presentation.


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I started working on adding @ mentions to karrot. community.karrot.world/t/menti

The front-end went quite well so far...

Gotta deal with backend notifications, notification options, and all that stuff still though.

🇯🇵 Karrot is getting translated into Japanese!

Thanks to patreon.com/DignifiedSilence (who also translates Lemmy, PeerTube, Funkwhale into Japanese)

🥕 We are planning Karrot Days in February 2022 (12th to 22nd), to create a more focused time to participate/contribute.

🧑‍💻 It can be about any tech, social, human, or community topics, or something else!

💡 It can be doing focused work, talking, connecting, philosophising, creating - whatever people will make of it.

❓ What would interest you enough to want to participate?

☎️ Just having a very serious Karrot project call...

🧒 ... for when Bruno's kid appears, I have some cuddly toys nearby

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📣 We're happy to share w/ the fediverse our new website:

We tried hard to communicate the vision and the motivations that nurture bonfire ecosystem. We also included new technical guides to setup and configure a new instance, to play with it or contribute to the development.
Any feedback is welcome :)

#bonfire #showcase #fediverse


💰 We got accepted into NLnet NGI Zero Discovery funding programme! Yay!

👯 You can see us listed over at nlnet.nl/thema/NGIZeroDiscover now, alongside all those other cool projects

✍️ Still some time to work out the details...

🚀 Feels like it will allow us to take Karrot to the next level

🤩 Thanks to everyone involved!

💬 I created a matrix room for karrot! --> matrix.to/#/#karrot:matrix.org come and chat!

❓ not sure if we'll keep it going, but want to see how it is, and I usually have matrix open now

❌ we currently have a self-hosted rocket chat, but don't use it much (we discuss karrot using karrot now, but it's not public, though you can sign up and join, the matrix room seems it might be useful... let's see)

toot by @nicksellen

🚴 I (@nicksellen) have been away from working on Karrot for the last 2 months, whilst cycle touring, but I'm back now!

🥵 Sightly overwhelmed by how many different things I could be working on. Do I do the work directly, or increase the ease of contribution? Work on outreach? Or features? Or the vision? Or usability? (for who?). Or something else?

⛰️ Building software is surprisingly complex, and so much duplicated effort.

💬 Might try and write more in the fediverse as I progress!

❤️ Thanks!

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Karrot is a free open source platform for sharing real life resources (for example excess food, to prevent it going to waste).

You can follow the project at:

➡️ @karrot

The main instance is at karrot.world

You can find the source code at github.com/yunity

(The emphasis is on food, but the platform can be used to share anything.)

#Karrot #Activism #CoOp #CoOperative #FoodSharing #FoodAndDrink #FoodWaste #Food #FOSS #FLOSS #Libre #FreeSoftware #OpenSource #NGOs #Environment

We've been having a bit of a summer (well, autumn soon) pause for Karrot, especially as I (@nicksellen) have been on a bike tour 🚲 🏕️

BUT we have very exciting news! 📰

We're through to the next round of the nlnet funding thing we applied for 🤑 💰 💸

Will be bigger celebration if we get all the way, but nice to celebrate for now! 🎈 🍾

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☕ today I'm holding a #socialcoop Community Cafe session:

🥕 Hands on introductory session about Karrot community organising tool: "Start a group, become a community" --> karrot.world @karrot

📅 6th July (2021-07-06) - i.e. today!

⏲️ 9am West Coast USA
⏲️ 12pm East Coast USA
⏲️ 5pm London
⏲️ 18:00 Central Europe

☎️ call link --> socialcoop.meet.coop/nic-djg-e

🎲 have a play with karrot in advance --> karrot.world/#/groupPreview/27

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☕ I'm going to hold a #socialcoop Community Cafe session:

🥕 Hands on introductory session about Karrot community organising tool: "Start a group, become a community" --> karrot.world @karrot

📅 6th July (2021-07-06) - i.e. Tuesday next week

⏲️ 9am West Coast USA
⏲️ 12pm East Coast USA
⏲️ 5pm London
⏲️ 18:00 Central Europe

☎️ call link TBC

👬 Pinging people who might be interested @Matt_Noyes @neil @dazinism @kawaiipunk @ntnsndr @mariha @bhaugen

👥 have a play! karrot.world/#/groupPreview/27

I'm really enjoying the distributed collaborative nature of working on karrot lately.

Here is our more refined landing page (in progress) which involves contributions from people with Greek, Swedish, British, Brazilian, German, and Czech origins.

Then used by people in various other countries, most of whom probably have no idea what's going on behind the scenes.

Thanks everyone! (not that most of them will read this...).

/by social.coop/@nicksellen

Karrot started to let you co-ordinate Pickups at Stores. Very specific for this one case.

Then Stores became Places to make it more general.

Then Pickups became Activities which could be one of Pickups, Distributions, Meetings, or Events.

And just now I deployed the next step: fully customizable activities, so you can create your own with custom icons and colours, and even edit the default types too.

I'm really happy to bring in more features that let groups adapt Karrot to fit their needs.

We're evolving the governance features of karrot and looking for examples of existing community guidelines, rules, agreements, etc.

This is to make sure the model we come up with will be usable for a range of different groups with different approaches.

Any you can share with us?

To get the ball rolling the noisebridge ones are a good example for us to look at --> noisebridge.net/wiki/Community

Boosts for visibility welcome!

/by social.coop/@nicksellen

I'm very appreciative that our lovely translators have translated karrot 100% into German, Spanish, Luxembourgish, Czech, and Esperanto.

... and over 80% into Polish, French, Swedish, and Hindi.

... and then some in Chinese, Portuguese, Brazilian Portuguese, Russian, Italian, Marathi, and Gujarati.

Yay for translators 🚀 🤩

(I'm a little sad though that contributing to the rest of the project is limited to English).

/by social.coop/@nicksellen

I just deployed this change yesterday so it's live at karrot.world

Next step is custom defined types, which is actually already needed coded.

What would be great is to have input from people/groups that might like to use it for stuff like community gardens, bike kitchens, mutual aid groups, food rescue..

Karrot provides democratic membership empowerment* + communication + task co-ordination features.

* to avoid saying "management"!

/by social.coop/@nicksellen

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