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We've had loads of new folks join Fosstodon, over the last few months. There are plenty of articles/blogs on FOSS friendly alternatives out there, and suggestions for such but, it'd be nice to hear from the community. What apps/alternatives are you using and why? What would you suggest for someone who's new to the FOSS scene? What have you discovered, based on your experiences?

Let's give our newer/unfamiliar members some community input and a few "pro tips" 😉

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Ok, if you have good ideas for fun poll questions, please throw them my way. @pollbot needs a good library to choose from. (Feel free to boost this post for extra visibility.) #Polls #Bots #Mastodon

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is an advanced clipboard manager.

CopyQ is a system clipboard viewer/editor that supports full formatted clipboard contents. CopyQ can save clipboard content in a history and edit items in the history. CopyQ supports actions that can be activated once the clipboard is changed or when a specific pattern is in the clipboard. CopyQ features a command line interface as well.

Website 🔗️: hluk.github.io/CopyQ/

apt 📦️: copyq

@lojo67 Salut Janet
Hei ass e flotten Artikel iwwer d'Baha'i zu Mineapolis déi et richteg maachen nodeems den Georges Floyd ëmbruecht gouf.

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I was interviewed by Vivaldi recently and the posted the blog today.

Check it out here: vivaldi.com/blog/thinkprivacy-

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Giving sc a go. It's quite basic thus far, but it's great for simple spreadsheets.

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Okay, everyone. How do we make faster for people, so that it's a good alternative for those being pressured to use centralised corporate surveillance videoconference?

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: Hello Fosstodon!

Plasma Mobile is an open-source user interface for phones from @kde Community.

We will use this account to share updates, and stay in touch with our community!

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interfaith instance is up! {boosts plz} 

Hi all,
For those who voted in my poll earlier this week, thanks! I did it I made the interfaith instance
Whatever faith/religion/spirituality/term of your choosing-background you may present, or if you do not have one yet you are welcome at interfaith.masto.host/
registrations are open now and if you need anything ping me there at same username or here
thanks to those who followed me for this content, and thanks to those who encouraged me to make this!

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I haven’t tried Linux Mint or the Cinnamon desktop for years - actually, I think Cinnamon was in beta the last time I tried it.

Anyone here using it or used it recently who can comment on their experience?

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Hey Fediverse! Do you use git (or Mercurial or Darcs)? Etherpad? Homebrew? Inkscape? quemu? Wine? Maybe even coreboot?

These are just a few of the projects for which the Conservancy project provides administrative support. The projects rely on Conservancy, and you rely on the projects.

Support the org that supports the tools you can’t do without. They are trying to raise money, and have donation matching for the next ~15k to be raised for two more days: sfconservancy.org/supporter/

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Does having custom profile artwork on all my profiles make me really anal?


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In last 4 month we tried hard to introduce @Mastodon in Iran.
Due to internet blockage and entering the National Intranet in Iran, some people tried to start a instance within the country to connect people.

I hope they be successful

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Just finished preparing my presentation for the European Parliament on Tuesday. I’m representing @Mastodon and small technology there on a panel to discuss the future of the Internet and I hope we can get the regulators to at least not fuck things up for our ethical alternatives.

My slides (not hugely meaningful without the narrative but in case you’re curious) are here:


Remind me again why I let you talk me into this, @Gargron? ;P

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I jotted down some of the reasons why I don't use . I thought maybe some people may find it useful.


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is a builder for .

Glade allows you to create GTK based user interfaces quite quickly with understandable layout options while neatly organizing callbacks, buffers, and other such resources. Saved Glade files are easily used by GTK, enabling quick and intuitive UI development.

Website 🔗️: glade.gnome.org/

apt 📦️: glade

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At #LibrePlanet, the Freedombox Foundation announced some exciting news: you can soon buy #FreedomBox kits!

This has been years in the making. We're very proud to partner with @olimex, a company which makes open source hardware.

Sales launch soon. Order: olimex.com/Products/OLinuXino/

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is a wonderful FOSS block based survival sandbox open world game.

Minetest features 64k blocks cubed worlds, allowing for huge creations to be made, from the Burj Khalifa to Mount Everest.

Play with your friends through the client, or set up a dedicated server for a community.

Minetest features many games and is very moddable using its Lua API.

Website 🔗: minetest.net/

apt 📦: minetest

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