I just improved the responsiveness of the web interface, so you can enjoy your free translations more easily on your mobile device.

Before/after screenshots: blog.wikdict.com/2021/03/bette

Try it yourself: wikdict.com/

And I took the opportunity to upgrade from Bootstrap 3 to Boostrap 5.

Look up translations on with ! More than 6.6 million translations across 20 languages are available

Source code at

It's quite an early release, but if there is interest, I will improve on it.

Get 's new offline dictionaries at wikdict.com/page/download !

It's a bit sad that Android does not have a built-in dictionary and iOS does not allow users to add custom dictionaries. How am I supposed to bring free dictionaries to the masses?

As part of , I want to provide downloadable bilingual dictionaries. I'm not sure which formats I should provide, yet. Help me decide! What is your favorite offline dictionary software?

The free (as in freedom) bilingual dictionaries at got an update. In addition to the usual improvements, the Swedish dictionaries got major improvements.

See blog.wikdict.com/2020/08/updat for more details on the update or go to directly to wikdict.com to try out the dictionaries.


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