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In India, as of July 22, we had over 91 million metric tons of foodgrain ‘surplus’ or buffer stocks lying with the government – and the highest numbers of the world’s hungry. Talk of bloody coexistence.
The government distributes very little of that grain free, but sanctions the conversion of huge stocks of rice into ethanol – to make hand sanitiser.

Ahh, talking this makes me eligible to be labelled a Maoist and Naxalite now. I can be arrested under UAPA for harbouring anti-national thoughts.

is an information laundering campaign converting (largely) reasonable people into dangerous extremists, while hurting the actual anti-child trafficking efforts.

Zuckerturd is corrupt, and his shoddy politics bundled with a baby President is doing irreparable damage to innocent people, Internet freedom, and technological limitation.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg Stoked Washington’s Fears About TikTok

Interesting and correct take: Facebook is a smuggler for misinformation cartels globally.

"Hackernews almost completely ignores this obvious spam in their absolute panic to explain to anyone who will listen that it is simply not possible for computer programmers to take any responsibility whatsoever for anything that they do because they are helpless children who have been completely stripped of agency by project managers or executives or whoever happened to be passing by."

Us software engineers need to learn to own our mistakes, and it's consequences.

Uh oh

Since January, a group has been hijacking Tor exit relay nodes to perform SSL stripping attacks, peaking in May when the group ran 23.95% of all nodes

"And Griffith emphasizes that, in proportional terms, today’s task is less substantial than FDR’s. It took the equivalent of 1.8 US GDPs to win World War II, whereas “the total cost of decarbonizing America is more like 1.2 to 1.5 GDPs,” he says. “Proportionally, it’s a significantly smaller interruption to the economy.”"

re: and US ban

There's a very concerning lack of nuance in the conversation. For eg, the current underpinning of the whole debate is not about data collection itself, but rather who is doing the data collection.

In other words, "we don't like data collection because cHiNa can see it all".

I'm spending far too much time on finding a good .com domain exclusively for emails. :/

Top brass at Facebook are complicit in spreading climate misinformation.

Their games are dangerous - not for them of course.

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India's finest minds that are in jail today from Anand Teltumbde to Sudha Bhardwaj coincidentally also happen to have been fighting for the rights of dalits and laborers - the poorest in social hierarchy.
I'm not asking you to fight for them. But read about them & their work.

"Hackernews very carefully construct internally-consistent logical frameworks which allow them to continue not giving a shit about poor people, especially ones who are not white, and most especially of all nonwhite poor people whose families have been ratfucked by the United States Government for centuries."

It used to be common decades ago for people to pass down their property including media (vinyl records, disks, cassettes). You paid for hard assets that you owned.

Objectively, it’s easier to hold on to, and pass down, digital assets - you just have to change the “ownership” field in a database, or hand over a hard drive.

Instead, we got Digital Rights Management.

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