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Where I talk about why I like Mastodon, and recommend @kev's terrific post.

I'm curious.

How much money do you pay for real hard news per month (not social media, not cable news, no trade publications).

Do let me know in replies what you subscribe to.

Poll is USD but if your currency is different, please reply with your response.

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The media didn't stop covering the protests.

In ,
@seattletimes, @Crosscut are doing great reporting on the protests.

It's just not fiery enough for national news. Support your local newspaper (at least in the regions that still have one).

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The private employee is accountable to their boss. The police officer is accountable to the public.

Labor unions organize the interests of employees against employers.

Police unions organize the interests of the police *against the public*.

Seeing some people react to calls for changing "master" branch to something else reminded me of this very appropriate and real meme

Starting to read None of Your Damn Business: Privacy in the United States from the Gilded Age to the Digital Age.

So far, it's pretty dry but hopefully will be a good read.

"... Most local news publications are losing money, fast. Advertising has plummeted. Readers aren’t subscribing. And thousands of local reporters are being laid off. Just as our society faces numerous, urgent challenges."

Installed Pi-hole 5, and now I'm blocking all of Facebook and Instagram from all my devices (my partner still needs it for work).

Fuck zuck.

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I have ideas but so little time. Ahhhhhghh

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One of my pet peeves with "ignore the haters" comments is that it gives people a license to ignore all criticism.

Yes SpaceX should fly people into space, but if someone points out the lack of acknowledgement of global unrest, job losses, take that as an action item. Improve.

as a platform and corporation is built on promoting and spreading racism, violence and lies.

So glad I quit that hellhole a while ago.

Racist, fascist, power hungry, egomaniac with tiny hands.

Not entirely surprised to see "hacker" "news" finding any reason to not pay for the news they get. No match for this entitlement.

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@karan equally, I pay for many paper newspapers to be delivered to my door on a daily basis. I do this for 5 papers.

Journalism is the career path that I want to follow, so I am happy to reiterate this message.

Please, pay for your news.

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