fuck everyone who's still going to vote for drumpf

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@mike06 @protonmail @Tutanota Fair. Tuta was an option I looked into before moving to PM. Should've written down why I didn't prefer them.

@x oh alright. Looked into it and for me PM makes more sense atm.

@x how's their Android app? That imo is PM's downside

@WhoNeedszZz @JacobNeplokh it's fine to raise without a solution.

As for pgp replacements, someone recommended age. I couldn't figure out how mature it is though.

@jamie I really admire people who go out of their way to support authors of marginalized backgrounds since they don't get the same exposure as others.

If you like poetry, Rupi Kaur.
For fiction, I like Roxane Gay.

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After @karan’s toot with the article with PGP problems, I was inspired to write about Signify for Days 6 of


@jamie what genre do you like btw? There's some really good POC authors you might like.

@jamie don't know about the latest two but I for one am happy to not support hateful, divisive people with my money and attention.

@sheogorath I have a home server and assuming 3-year life for all parts, I'd be looking at $15 or less per month. Including 16TB worth of HDDs.

@EdwardTorvalds being an asshole pretty much isolates and walls the community where dissent and new entrants are met with ad hominem attacks.


@amolith @EdwardTorvalds "I'd rather him be an asshole than let bad code into the kernel"

That implies that being an asshole is a way to prevent bad code from going in.

@utahcon The way I read it, it applies to all income through a company's payroll.

"“Compensation” means remuneration as that term is defined in RCW 50A.05.010, net distributions, or incentive payments, including guaranteed payments, whether based on profit or otherwise, earned for services rendered or work performed, whether paid directly or through an agent, and whether in cash or in property or the right to receive property."

At least at my employer, stocks are taxed at ordinary income tax.

@utahcon bonus is counted in payroll (as is stocks/options).

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