climate change is the biggest problem facing our planet.

the disinformation and misinformation campaigns by power-holding scums -- that lead to inaction -- is already resulting in mass suffering and an unlivable world. both for humans and thousands of plants and animals.

mars is a false hope and a misdirection. it's a dick-measuring contest that might become a lifeboat for a select few (and you are guaranteed to not be on it).

fuck fossil fuel. fuck capitalism.

recycling is a misdirection, the result of an effective marketing campaign by plastics and beverage cos to shift the burden and cost of managing trash to consumers.

greenwashing is a misdirection. "net-zero emissions" is bullshit: it's a misdirection. you can't buy your way out of irreversible .

what we need is "zero emissions" period. not by 2070, not by 2050. we need it today.

so if you can't compost or recycle, or drive instead of biking, don't feel bad. just 100 fossil fuel producers are responsible for 70% of the emissions (

we can't do solve as individuals. we need to gut the systems of capitalism, manufacturing and society.

we need to shift away from greenwashing, away from blaming individuals.

for the US, here's an excellent proposal:

/end of rant

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