Follow - Get free subdomains for your OSS projects.

I know it's totally not FOSS but I'm optimizing for convenience here. @yarmo is working on a more foss-y version too that I'm sure will be many times better. :)

@karan it's great to see the idea come to life 🤩 the idea being that since there is no .oss or .foss gTLD, we make the next best thing: or similar domains. All open source projects can apply!

My (just as FOSSy 🤗 all except DNS server) solution is taking slightly longer to make (overengineer much?) but in the end, it does the exact same thing: make a PR, get a subdomain.

Got a small project on github/gitlab pages? Get your free today 🎉

@yarmo I should copy that as the marketing spiel..

@yarmo @karan actually, the tld ".oss" as well as ".libre" exist under OpenNIC. Check it out! Maybe make a bridge between there and

@tomosaigon @yarmo I looked at it but changing dns is too much of friction.

A bridge is a good idea, but then I'd have to make a DNS resolder and that's hard.

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