@yarmo Hey remember we talked about free subdomains for foss projects? I looked into it today. Should be easy enough to make it a git-based service but we'd have to use a scalable/decent service provider (AWS/GCP) which doesn't really fit the FOSS model. And it'd be expensive (10k subdomains x 10k queries each would be ~$40/month).

@karan @yarmo aside from the not Foss providers.. The cost would be workable if a modest fee was paid by the subdomain users or clients.

@karan oh I do 😉 still excited! As for the infrastructure, I made a start a few weeks ago (and them got preoccupied with another project, launching soon 🤗), it's all git based as we said. Separate yaml files per project which on upload get turned into a single json (could be also be a database).

Example below has a different domain, one of the suggestions we discussed.

Index repo:
Index website:
Subdomain example:

@karan for at least the beginning, isn't the DigitalOcean DNS sufficient? It's got an API so future migrations shouldn't be too complicated

@yarmo it may be but I'm sure they have limits on it. I have a prototype working too but it uses gcp cloud dns and should be fully automated. Private repo for now I need to iron out some links.

I like your schema though. Mine is just dns records

@karan yeah, I figured it could be a nice opportunity to make a giant "VCS-platform independent" index of projects

@karan DO DNS limits are here:

None that apply to our use case. But I figure they might come knocking on our doors if usage becomes excessive

@karan so, upon git commit, a script checks changes and applies them to corresponding DNS records? If it's working, great!

@yarmo yeah pretty much. It's as easy as it gets.

@karan just realized the example isn't even in the index yet. Automated DNS entries are one of the next things on my todo

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