I'm curious.

How much money do you pay for real hard news per month (not social media, not cable news, no trade publications).

Do let me know in replies what you subscribe to.

Poll is USD but if your currency is different, please reply with your response.


Some replies in this poll are pretty disheartening. It's clear that everyone reads the news regularly, and deep down understands that it's valuable, but then find reasons to not pay for it.

Tracking? Ads? Yeah I have them too. Use adblocker and rss (you probably already do).

Bias? Subscribe to multiple sources.

Support your news people. Or there won't be any left.

Social media is not news. It's commentary.

@karan "Social media is not news. It's commentary." What is meant by this line? I would be very surprised if those of us in the FOSSdom used social media to obtain our news.

@karan Agree that social media isn't news, but also that the "legit" news sources aren't very legit. Fix the problem and then we can get somewhere. Throwing money at shit news isn't going to fix it.

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