@karan Sadly true. Love the morality question reference though!

@karan It shouldn't be a person at the lever, though. It should be a particularly stupid AI made of humans.

@karan May I ask what the picture has to do with capitalism?

@hund Capitalism asks for endless profit at any cost.

@karan No, but greedy people does. Capitalism only defines a economic system and most if not all of us are capitalists.

Don't misdirect your undealth frustrations towards the wrong things in life. I used to do that and I can assure you that it doesn't make anything better. :)

@hund I know where you are coming from and it's wrong. Capitalism defines a profit motive which practically has led to greed and loss of human rights and freedoms. That's why we FOSS.

I'm not an extremist either. I knowingly participate in this system. That doesn't mean I can't call it out for it's wrongs.

@hund long as capitalism continues to reward greed and punish the ungreedy, thisll keep happening.

Before you ask me for an alternative im not smart enough to come up with one. I just know this aint it

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