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I want to move to a proper house so I can build a decent homelab. Yes that's the whole reason.

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@karan it's great to see the idea come to life 🤩 the idea being that since there is no .oss or .foss gTLD, we make the next best thing: or similar domains. All open source projects can apply!

My (just as FOSSy 🤗 all except DNS server) solution is taking slightly longer to make (overengineer much?) but in the end, it does the exact same thing: make a PR, get a subdomain.

Got a small project on github/gitlab pages? Get your free today 🎉 - Get free subdomains for your OSS projects.

I know it's totally not FOSS but I'm optimizing for convenience here. @yarmo is working on a more foss-y version too that I'm sure will be many times better. :)

If you're thinking of paying for email, go for @protonmail instead.

It's cheaper, more private, and hosted outside US.

If Apple supported side loading apps on iPhone, and added a USB-C port,, I'd switch in a second.

I know it's not foss but my current flagship Android is grasping for breath after merely 3 years, and hasn't gotten security updates in a year.

Meanwhile iPhones from 7 years ago keep chugging along.

@yarmo Hey remember we talked about free subdomains for foss projects? I looked into it today. Should be easy enough to make it a git-based service but we'd have to use a scalable/decent service provider (AWS/GCP) which doesn't really fit the FOSS model. And it'd be expensive (10k subdomains x 10k queries each would be ~$40/month).

Knowingly poisoning babies. Capitalism at it again.

“A reasonable inference from all this evidence is that, motivated by profits, defendants disregarded the safety of consumers,” the court said.

Reminder: just 100 companies are responsible for 71% of global emissions.

So don't stress if can't afford an electric car, or have to use plastic bag once in a while.

But be a good citizen and educate others, put political pressure.

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@karan I pay a $4 a month subscription to the NYTimes and that's about it.

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I Cancelled my Amazon Prime Account

Yes I still shop, but mostly at local businesses.

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@karan I Subscribe to The Intercept and Current Affairs. Other than that I read a bunch of free stuff like

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Selfhosted show, linux unplugged, darknet diaries, security now, hackable?. Not supporting with monthly subscriptions yet (I'm poor student), but I do support various FOSS projects with one time payments

What good podcasts do you subscribe to related to the general theme of this instance (self hosting, Foss, privacy etc)?

I'm listening to podcast (and supporting on patreon).

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I only pay for local news. I have a digital subscription for a local paper,

We also receive a weekly paper in the mail that covers my much smaller town specifically for free,

This episode of the patriot act does a great job demonstrating your local news is a good thing to support:

I agree, the ads are TERRIBLE. Ad block them. But do support local news financially as they are CRITICAL.

Some replies in this poll are pretty disheartening. It's clear that everyone reads the news regularly, and deep down understands that it's valuable, but then find reasons to not pay for it.

Tracking? Ads? Yeah I have them too. Use adblocker and rss (you probably already do).

Bias? Subscribe to multiple sources.

Support your news people. Or there won't be any left.

Social media is not news. It's commentary.

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@karan Well. I voted for $0 and was about to say I don't pay for any news but then I thought about it and decided to subscribe to LWN at the $7/mo tier. Other than that, it's all RSS feeds from various sources such as Lobsters, Slashdot, and blogs.

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