Bad for screen readers 

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  ・ ゚*
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This instance is big enough now that i cant keep up with the local timeline anymore. They grow up so fast 🥺

I'm cracking up, i didnt proofread my webpage enough last night

These background pattern svgs are so cool: theres one for so many different types of people. (Theyre background patterns extracted from Telegram.)

Here's mine I edited and previews of other ones. Im using it as my home page wallpaper now.

theres 93547829 different guides to mastodon/the fediverse out there already, so I said to myself, why not make another one? 😂 Will be on my blog once done.

A tip for newcomers: if you want to follow someone but don't want to see their "retweets" (called "boosts" here), you can tap "hide boosts" from the three dot button on their profile.

Dsub on fdroid is outdated, so I wanted a way to catch updates on their github releases. Found out you can follow an atom feed using an reader of any releases page by adding .atom at the end.

If you prefer not to see Christmas posts, you can set a filter in Mastodon settings.

Even if I had the money (which i dont) to actually host the instance on my own machine and have a close friend admin it instead, the sole internet provider in my area doesnt allow self hosting services

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I dont admin it so im going to be bothering the admin if i wanted to really reset plus Im hosting one other person on it that'd get their data wiped as well unless i trouble the admin even more with data migration

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