I use it cuz ppl who wanna gush about cute anime dudes dont exist on the fediverse

@kambing whell, if u move your friends to Matrix I think you will have access to even more cute animu gorls :3

@Zezin also, I dont think theyre interested in moving, sadly

@kambing bruh... mine too. The only thing we could do is wait for a mass exodus like it's happening with whatzapp

@huy_ngo @kambing dont the bridge use bots, and those kinda bots Discord no likey?

@huy_ngo @kambing oh, no, there is "Puppeting" too, nice! convinient for when there already was an account

@Zezin @kambing Yea it uses bot and you can ask your friends to set it up for you so you don't need a discord account.

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