Hmm there's not a big fanfiction scene here on the fediverse huh? Or fandom in general. I know there's at least one instance dedicated to fandoms, but last I checked there wasn't much.

Thinking about how a fanfiction fediverse platform might look. Something that supports advanced search and multi-chapter navigation. I don't know if this defeats some purposes of defederation, but more robust federation of posts (fics) would be ideal since all the content is fiction (as opposed to the implications of readily federating people's personal microblog posts).

I don't know if "more robust federation" is actually possible, since I have no technical knowledge.

If it is, maybe other types of fanwork like art, video, and audio can be considered too.

Fandom is hard pressed to thrive if posts aren't more easily federated, since its entire being relies on community.


A fanart platform can be something like a booru. Would be nice to have a booru that required artist credit section to be filled.

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