I'm using my phone full time now. Very cool

@kambing Nice! I'm gonna go with CalyxOS very soon. GrapheneOS doesn't support my device anymore (Pixel 2 XL).

@kambing Same! I installed LineageOS without Gapps at the start of the lockdown in March. Haven't regretted the decision. It's been super good!

@lowdude I'm amazed at how good it is: I feel no difference from using my old phone with Google on it. But that makes sense, since I've been using exclusively Fdroid apps in the past regardless, too.

@kambing that sounds great, I'm thinking about using calyxOS or grapheneOS on my next phone, but I believe I'm way too dependent on google play services to make graphene OS my daily driver.

do you use your phone at all for banking or sending money? (banking apps, PayPal or functionally equivalent apps)

@lowdude im a pretty young person who doesnt work yet so i havent had to use any banking app. Im lucky i dont need them...for now😳

@kambing ah alright then, that's probably the better situation to be in. I also don't think you will need apps for that in the next few years, because most banks offer several ways to generate TANs (and everything else you can do in a browser), but I would definitely miss the convenience of PayPal

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