Hey, can anyone reccomend a drawing tablet? I do not need the display to be where I draw. I'm trying to look around but a lot of them seem to be from Chinese companies with drivers that include spyware.

I dont necessarily need a bunch of buttons/shortcuts either. I just want something that won't break easily and just works and isn't spyware

By just works, I mean doesn't have a lot of issues with the drawing or connectivity itself.

Boosts appreciated. Maybe if this post reaches Mastodon.Art somehow I might get some answers

It also doesnt even have to have a large drawing space. It would be nice if it's not made to eat money though (e.g. cheapest Wacom right now eats the pen nib so fast, people are forced to buy new nibs or get a new tablet)

Gonna try this again with the tag

(Tldr Can you recommend a graphics/drawing tablet with no spyware in the driver? Basically not made by a company based in China at least.)

@kambing Boosted to help awareness of your question.
My guess is you would have to settle for either flashing software or find an open hardware solution.

Most Wacom Tablets should work under Linux without any driver which didn't came with Linux.

@unixwitch 😲 I didn't expect that! That's a really pleasant surprise. Thank you for letting me know about this!

@albi i didnt even know about this tablet thank you for the suggestion 😁

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