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QXmpp 1.3.0 was released!

It complys with the XMPP Compliance Suites 2020 for IM and Advanced Mobile now!


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@kaidan , KDE's multiplatform instant messaging app for Jabber and other XMPP services, reaches version 0.5. New features include recording and sending audio and video and searching for contacts and messages.


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@hexmasteen Thanks. We transferred the domain to another registrar and some things went wrong. However, everything should be fine now.

The just startet (taking place on the internet because of ).

The Kaidan developers are there. Join us!


@jr @dino And we started a bit earlier than dino ... and still less features 😂

We've just passed the 1000 commits mark!

(we're still missing many features, but hey, we're working on it)

@allo Thanks for your response. "Duration of message storage" really means the whole chat log. If this data is not correct for blabber.im (in the screenshot) we can fix that.

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Did you know that Plasma Mobile apps from KDE are working well on PureOS too? :) This is Kaidan, a Kirigami XMPP client, working smoothly on a Librem 5 @kaidan @kde

You can meet us the whole next week at the sprint in Berlin! :xmpp: :kde: 🤩

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Dino 0.1 is released! 🎉

Dino is a secure and open-source application for decentralized messaging. It uses the XMPP (“Jabber”) protocol and is interoperable with other XMPP clients and servers. We aim to provide an intuitive, clean and modern user interface.

Release blog post: dino.im/blog/2020/01/dino-0.1-

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Tis the season to be jolly!
Happy Holidays everyone!

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