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From what I know that is not directly planned yet. If we find somebody who wants to implement PGP encryption in Kaidan we won't stop them :)

Sorry for the late reply.
Not yet, but we're receiving financial support for implementing omemo. I don't know when its done though.

Hey, at first thanks for mentioning us. ♥️
I don't know if you know, but Kaidan is not only available for PC but for mobile devices too :)
- zat

Kaidan 0.7 also works nicely on the with @plasmamobile!

So additionally to telephony and SMS, you can also connect with your friends via on a 100% open-source device!

@tails For OMEMO there's still much work to be done. We're happy if we can get the 0.8 with MAM into debian 11. (lnj)

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#FollowFriday / #FF recap of this week's recommended follows:

🌟 @kaidan - XMPP app for Linux, part of the KDE project

🌟 @samuelpepys - Real time toots of an Englishman's diary from 1660-1669

🌟 @xzyolotl - Artist who does colourful intricate 2D drawings and 3D renderings of surreal monsters

🌟 @NGIZero - Provides money to internet projects that promote privacy and open standards

🌟 @simpletools - Showcasing lightweight, simple, easy to use FOSS apps

🌟 @ownclouders - FOSS file storage platform

@vechur @abslimit Basically fixing platform-specific bugs and creating builds / working on the CI system. (lnj)

@mar_k83 Sorry, but while Ubuntu Touch has finally been updated to Qt 5.12, that version is already a bit old for the other platforms we target, so supporting Ubuntu Touch right now would block us from fixing deprecation warnings and getting ready for Qt 6.

Hopefully either the situation improves on the Ubuntu Touch side in the future, or maybe the flatpak could be made work since it runs in a separate runtime from the host OS that includes an up to date Qt release. (jbb)

@shouko Kaidan is going to support MIX, the newer group chat standard.

We will try to provide some kind of relay to MUC while the XMPP community is transitioning to MIX though. (jbb)

Although until now we only had one platform-specific bug that actually wasn't caused by us. So far this release isn't that bad. :)

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@vechur @abslimit I just had a look into it. The bug has been caused by Kirigami, but it has been fixed in the latest Kirigami master version. It should hopefully disappear as soon as the build machine updates to the latest Kirigami. (lnj)

@vechur @abslimit
There's currently a bug with the button on Android. The font colour is the same as the background colour. Do you see the grey-ish box? You need to click on that. (lnj)

@vechur @abslimit
That version must be quite old.
Kaidan 0.6 should work on later Android versions though.

Sadly there is no up-to-date Android build yet, because our team is to small to maintain all OS, so we are currently focusing on the OS on which we are developing.

Ideally we would like to have at least one maintainer for every OS, so if you know somebody who might be interested in maintaining Kaidan for Android we would really appreciate your help :)

It will be part of debian 11. The debian package is currently available in testing (0.6) and unstable (0.7). (lnj)

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