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> As it is tradition by now, Conversations is available for free on the Google Play store for the remainder of the year. Happy Holidays. Have a great #36c3. twitter.com/iNPUTmice/status/1

-- Daniel Gultsch

(Of course, Conversations is available for free on F-Droid.org all of the year, but the Google Play version has push enabled. Might be nice for some people.)

#conversations #android #xmpp #federation #happyholidays #freesoftware #fdroid

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Tis the season to be jolly!
Happy Holidays everyone!

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@meowski The nightly build link should work again as well.

@meowski Thanks for reporting, and sorry for the late response. I can reproduce the issue with the website. While we are looking into fixing it, please use the latest stable release kaidan.im/2019/07/16/kaidan-0.

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RT @iNPUTmice@twitter.com

The XMPP Developers Sprint is almost over. 48 hours looked in a house in Sweden and we have some pretty cool results.
· Two cooked meals for 8 people
· Five Bookmarks 2 implementations (Full inter-op testing between three of them)
· Prototype Bookmark 1 & 2 conversion for Prosody

🐦🔗: twitter.com/iNPUTmice/status/1

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aenigma - the XMPP server for everyone

Nicolas North will present aenigma, the XMPP server for everyone.

Wednesday, 2019-10-09 18:00 CEST

xHain, Grünberger Str. 16, 10243 Berlin

See you then!

Or join our room!

#berlin #xmpp #meetup #community #xhain #federation #chat #freesoftware #ænigma #aenigma #selfhosting #security #privacy #anonymity #openspace

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The #xmpp sprint in Stockholm is ready to get into the sauna, to help digest crêpes we just had! And additionally working on bookmarks2, and a landing page for new XMPP users!

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Live from #Akademy2019: Marco Martin and Bhushan Shah tell us about how KDE is also making inroads on embedded devices.

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It's pretty amazing that you can develop an app using KDE's libraries in KDE's IDE, have wonderful artists make your project artwork in KDE's painting app and edit a video about it all in KDE's video editor. The number of organizations that could tell the same story can be counted on one hand. The scope of what the community does is stunning.

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We got a tiny step closer to fully end-to-end encrypted message content in .
Version 0.0.1 of XEP-420: Stanza Content Encryption () just got published.
Still it is a long way till we're there.



We're currently working on the design of the registration form.

QR code scanning is working now!
- Even on Android.

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