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On Friday the 25th March, #FridaysForFuture calls for the next global #ClimateStrike. Their motto #PeopleNotProfit aligns well with the goals of Codeberg, non-profit and run by donations.

#ClimateCrisis is real, and we should all do more to deal with it. Some ideas in this thread (feel free to share more) ↓

@hj The people demand it from their governments. (lnj)

πŸ”₯ In one month people all over the world are going to demand . πŸ”₯ Kaidan is supporting the movement with a banner on our website. πŸ’š
πŸ’¬ We say: Act now ❗ as there's no free communication :xmpp: on a dead planet.


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Hey guys,

here is the (unofficial) information that the #blabber #xmpp server will be shut down soon.
It is anounced on blabber.im/

- a relocation of the server is impossible.
- Please migrate all your accounts and contacts to other servers.
You can find a list of servers e.g. here: freie-messenger.de/sys_xmpp/se

Important: The app blabber.im (formerly Pix-Art) is not affected!

Please share, because it seems there was/will be no server message!


... This cat can't believe it...
We hit 500 followers πŸŽ‰ on mastodon which is a crazy amount of people...
Thanks for your support ❀️

@dalohuer2004 Hola :) OMEMO isn't supported yet but it is planned and work has begun.

@Aitzol Currently the shipped Qt version in Ubuntu Touch is already too old again, so it's unfortunately not possible that easily. Also time (and a device) is missing for development, so currently it's not planned.
In the future it might be possible to run Kaidan via flatpak on Ubuntu Touch, with the latest Qt version & minimal effort from our side, so that might be a good option. (lnj)

:xmpp: Kaidan now supports ⌨️ typing notifications & πŸ’¬ message synchronization (also known as MAM) with the brand new 0.8 release! πŸŽ‰


Muchas gracias :)

A native sailfish-OS client would definitely be cool but we lack the developers to make one. There are just too many other projects, like OMEMO encryption, we currently focus on. And as you said yourself, there is stuff to improve...

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Using is simple, secure and easy. Just create an xmpp account, install an xmpp client, login and start chatting.

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:ablobcatattentionreverse: Kaidan 0.8 enters stabilization phase, featuring πŸ“¨ message history fetching (MAM) and ⌨️ typing notifications (Chat States).

πŸ’¬ ✏️ Some languages still need your help with translations! Big thanks go to all translators out there for your support πŸ‘

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:ablobcatattentionreverse: Kaidan 0.8 enters stabilization phase, featuring πŸ“¨ message history fetching (MAM) and ⌨️ typing notifications (Chat States).

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Google Fotos: "Sieh dir an, was du vor 1 Jahr gemacht hast!"

@qorg11 @abloo
From what I know that is not directly planned yet. If we find somebody who wants to implement PGP encryption in Kaidan we won't stop them :)

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