🔥 In one month people all over the world are going to demand . 🔥 Kaidan is supporting the movement with a banner on our website. 💚
💬 We say: Act now ❗ as there's no free communication :xmpp: on a dead planet.


... This cat can't believe it...
We hit 500 followers 🎉 on mastodon which is a crazy amount of people...
Thanks for your support ❤️

:xmpp: Kaidan now supports ⌨️ typing notifications & 💬 message synchronization (also known as MAM) with the brand new 0.8 release! 🎉


💬 ✏️ Some languages still need your help with translations! Big thanks go to all translators out there for your support 👍

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:ablobcatattentionreverse: Kaidan 0.8 enters stabilization phase, featuring 📨 message history fetching (MAM) and ⌨️ typing notifications (Chat States).

Kaidan 0.7 also works nicely on the with @plasmamobile!

So additionally to telephony and SMS, you can also connect with your friends via on a 100% open-source device!

Kaidan 0.7 is here❗
:kdenew: :xmpp:

New features:
- improved usability for sending files
- more information about your chat partner
- improved message composing and better usability

as well as a couple of bug fixes. You can see the full changelog here: kaidan.im/2021/02/02/kaidan-0.

We have just published a bunch of new translation strings for the upcoming release. If you feel like it, you are welcome to help with the translation! See you on .


The just startet (taking place on the internet because of ).

The Kaidan developers are there. Join us!


We've just passed the 1000 commits mark!

(we're still missing many features, but hey, we're working on it)

You can meet us the whole next week at the sprint in Berlin! :xmpp: :kde: 🤩

We're currently working on the design of the registration form.

You can now change your account's password in Kaidan!

The new settings are displayed in a popup on desktop and full screen on mobile.


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