Очень интересно - @kaidan . Может быть у KDE получится сделать красивый XMPP клиент с нужными функциями.

Выглядит многообещающе (не очень). После запуска последней версии с фдроида - вот это вот. И ничего больше.

@vechur @abslimit
That version must be quite old.
Kaidan 0.6 should work on later Android versions though.

Sadly there is no up-to-date Android build yet, because our team is to small to maintain all OS, so we are currently focusing on the OS on which we are developing.

Ideally we would like to have at least one maintainer for every OS, so if you know somebody who might be interested in maintaining Kaidan for Android we would really appreciate your help :)


@vechur @abslimit Basically fixing platform-specific bugs and creating builds / working on the CI system. (lnj)

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