Очень интересно - @kaidan . Может быть у KDE получится сделать красивый XMPP клиент с нужными функциями.

Выглядит многообещающе (не очень). После запуска последней версии с фдроида - вот это вот. И ничего больше.


@vechur @abslimit
There's currently a bug with the button on Android. The font colour is the same as the background colour. Do you see the grey-ish box? You need to click on that. (lnj)

@vechur @abslimit I just had a look into it. The bug has been caused by Kirigami, but it has been fixed in the latest Kirigami master version. It should hopefully disappear as soon as the build machine updates to the latest Kirigami. (lnj)

I found that box, thanks! Before that it actually looked like a placeholder for future app :)

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