Kaidan 0.7 is here❗
:kdenew: :xmpp:

New features:
- improved usability for sending files
- more information about your chat partner
- improved message composing and better usability

as well as a couple of bug fixes. You can see the full changelog here:

@coucouf @kaidan is it in the debian10 repository?

I have read it will be a part of debian11.

there a .deb-packet, which I can use?


It will be part of debian 11. The debian package is currently available in testing (0.6) and unstable (0.7). (lnj)

Awesome, windows needs a good xmpp client badly, thanks!!

@mar_k83 Sorry, but while Ubuntu Touch has finally been updated to Qt 5.12, that version is already a bit old for the other platforms we target, so supporting Ubuntu Touch right now would block us from fixing deprecation warnings and getting ready for Qt 6.

Hopefully either the situation improves on the Ubuntu Touch side in the future, or maybe the flatpak could be made work since it runs in a separate runtime from the host OS that includes an up to date Qt release. (jbb)

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