@kaidan , KDE's multiplatform instant messaging app for Jabber and other XMPP services, reaches version 0.5. New features include recording and sending audio and video and searching for contacts and messages.


@kde @kaidan pardon me, but i couldn't find a clear privacy policy of this app, is this app use somekind of analytic or telemetry ? Encription ?


@HiveMind @kde Kaidan itself has no analytics/telemetry/whatsoever, but however we can't control the servers of our users.

About encryption: Kaidan forces the connection to the XMPP server to be TLS encrypted (with a valid certificate). Full end-to-end-encryption (using OMEMO) is being worked on.

Privacy-policy is an important point and we'd appreciate help here from anyone. :)

@kaidan @kde Cool! I got my prediction right.
Just a bit of suggestion, For a consumer friendly service, i think there's should be a disclaimer that said "your privacy is subject to server you choose. Please refer to the site you sign up to."

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