Kaidan 0.6.0 has been released!

Including an offline message queue, advanced message corrections and many stability fixes.

@kaidan this is great news!! Thanks for the link:)

@Kaidan :xmpp: :kde: Now that Tigase Server has MIX, will Kaidan get support for it soon? Would be seriously cool :)

@povoq There is already work on a MIX implementation going on, but it is still work in progress. I was told a few things already work with some servers though.

@povoq The current work-in-progress MIX implementation is currently developed using Tigase Server. However, also Tigase Server is still missing some features we need.

However, basic MIX support should arrive still this year.

@silkevicious Right now Kirigami and Kaidan depend on Qt 5.12, which should work again on Ubuntu Touch after the next OTA. However realistically we'd need someone who uses Ubuntu Touch regularly and has some development experience on the platform. Our Clickable setup is probably not compatible with current Clickable versions anymore.

@kaidan that's great news!
I would like to help, at least to test it and eventually report bugs or logs. Not so sure i have enough dev skills ATM

@silkevicious Good to know! We will certainly come back to you if there's a new build to test. I just had a look at our current clickable manifest, and there is a chance that it could still work. Probably it will still take some time until Qt 5.12 is available in the development container, right?

@silkevicious Ideally we would need 5.15. Maybe ubports directly goes to 5.15 (also LTS). 5.12 currently works, but at some point we will need 5.15.

Let's see and hope the best. :)

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