Kaidan is now on the !

Kaidan is the new modern client made with . It is usable on mobile & desktop platforms thanks to the convergent UI framework !

@danjones This features are planned and even already supported by the XMPP library we are using. For now, other features are more important to us, like the MIX channel support and OMEMO end-to-end encryption, and will therefore implemented first.

@kaidan @danjones oh you prioritise #XMPPMIX over #OMEMO ? haven't heard of MIX support by any other client yet

@Muto @danjones Daniel Gultsch did some experiments with MIX in Conversations and there's also an experimental ejabberd MIX implementation (not the old one from 2016).

It will probably take some time until MIX is supported everywhere (or MIX/MUC mirroring works in ejabberd and prosody), but we don't want to implement both MUC _and_ MIX.

OMEMO is also important and we'll also implement it soon, maybe even in parallel to MIX.

@tn5421 @kaidan The grant post implies not yet, but they're working on it
Following with keen interest in any case since if they actually deliver on omemo that kills like 90% of my reason to use WSL
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