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javascript, serverless software patterns 

i wrote an essay about software patterns and doing social stuff in a p2p environment:

> Kill Your Server And Get Back To Bed: Patterns for Serverless Applications

Dunno if I tooted about it before, but two command line tools I use a lot are bat ( and lsd (

They're like ls and cat but better (although not for scripting)!

I'm super excited about the Lemmy project (@LemmyDev). I read on both Hacker News and Lobsters, but both have their own inclinations and agenda. Lemmy seems like a perfect opportunity to get the functionality of those communities without their control issues.

I'm really digging Gitlab's CI/CD. Having a repo, build and deploy pipelines, and a docker registry all in one place is so nice.

#NODE got a zine made, and is distributing the digital version for free via #dat protocol. How trendy


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