@esm thanks for the heads up. My building had an internet outage for a few hours, then my router and raspberry pi were mad at each other after that. I've added some monitoring to catch this sort of thing quicker next time.

@TheFuzzStone I've been plaing around with it and having a ton of fun, and the community is great. If you give Beaker a try, check out my profile!


@rho I've used privacy.com occasionally over the past few years, mostly for free trials that require a credit card and I may forget to cancel. It is straightforward to use and has always worked as promised.

Tom Scott clearing some things up about VPNs. Well done and hilarious.


I don't think you really need a business card nowadays, but I had fun making an HTML one anyway. πŸ˜€


@ohyran yes, a mouse and a camera. It's great being able to move everything I need between computers with a single keyboard USB cable.

I don't know what it is about the Raspberry Pi Keyboard, but I'm really enjoying using it. Maybe it's the red accents?

I'll do a big brain post and say, in my opinion, blockchains aren't even that decentralized. They're just distributed. You have a single global state and you need consensus in the network to modify it. Mastodon servers have a lot more independence than that 'cause they don't care what else happens in the network.

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