Does this also address the impending Google OAUTH mail client tax?

@k9mail that's... Big news

What happened to the original maintainer?

@k9mail Good luck with that! In my experience thunderbird is a great app, and I hope they’re equally great to work with.

Already seen.
Not sure, what this means for the future of K-9 Mail... #k9mail

@k9mail I am pretty stoked. I initially used @k9mail because Thunderbird for Android wasn't an option, and it was the closest and best option. Now they are going to become the official channel... love this news!

@lgehr @k9mail I mean, it _is_ objectively cooler than “Thunderbird for Android”.

make sure that k-9derbird will be available via f-droid! besides apk download its the only source for apps on my google free phone.

@meldrian @k9mail this !!!!
afaik firefox isn't on f-droid, so I hope mozilla won't f this one up. pretty pleaaase

Yep, so it's not the official one.
There's also Mull and Tor that are both Firefox-based... But they are not Firefox.
So probably also K-9 will disappear from @fdroidorg
Time to move... FairEmail maybe?


@k9mail I love the idea of K9 becoming a part of Thunderbird.

@k9mail i just want to find such a simple mobile email client which uses agpl3+ or #fupl. looks like it will not be k9 after all. thanks for the heads up.

@k9mail Happy you're getting more funding, please don't change the name though.

@k9mail Still trying to wonder whether this is more "good" or more "threatening". 😐

Oh no. :(
I don't like Thunderbird so don't want to be there when they start making new design decisions for ex-K9.

It was great while it lasted, and I appreciate the work the K9 team has done for so long.

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