New release: K-9 Mail 5.802

Fixes a problem with Push that caused serious battery drain and data usage for some users.


Buenazo, hasta ahora usaba una versión antigua de la aplicación k-9 Mail porque con las nuevas no recibía notificaciones.
Con esta nueva versión, solucionado!

@k9mail we love the latest updates! Many thanks to everyone working on this! Hugs 😊

@k9mail Is there a reason the icon is still somewhat pink and red?

@k9mail 5.801 was marked in f-droid as a regular update, not beta, I guess it's a mistake according to . Should I also update to 5.802 if I'm still in 5.800? Or the bug is only present in 5.801?

Thanks for the awesome improvement of the app in this last stable release! 😊

@josealberto4444 5.801 was first pushed to the beta channel to make sure it was stable enough and didn't introduce any new bugs. It was later released to the production channel.

@k9mail any way to set the default top action to be archive rather than delete? For example in the unified inbox

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