New (beta) release: K-9 Mail 5.801

Only available in the beta channel for now. Will be made available to the Google Play production channel and submitted to F-Droid in a few days.

@k9mail When will K-9 Mail 5.800 finally be released for download in the F-Droid Store?

@skoop That's not up to us. We've submitted the new version and they've successfully built the app. But F-Droid has its own schedule for updating the package index.

@k9mail I almost thought so. But to be on the safe side, I'd rather ask again. Thank you for the answer.

Already seen, installed and satisfied.
Thank you for the info though.

@k9mail Question: In the overview list of all accounts I don't see any indication with an number of new messages. What configuration setting is not correctly set?

@Hiker There's no setting. K-9 Mail (only) shows the number of unread messages that have been downloaded.
If that doesn't explain what you're seeing, you've most likely discovered a bug. Please open an issue:

@k9mail It was my mistake. An other mail program marked the messages as read - so K-9 has no message to indicate as new.

Sorry about false alarm 😉
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