Just blogged about it (b.jlel.se/s/49e) after musing about the Holo design in 2018 (b.jlel.se/s/9a).

Great work! Just set up a Liberapay donation 👍

@k9mail I know that some Apps, like Conversations or @CCTG manage to stay alive without the permanent notification. I don't know the details, but I think it would be good for K9mail too, because in Android 7 you can't hide the permanent notification 😢

@joeligj12 thanks to lineageos I'm still getting the latest security updates, and I don't want to buy a new phone 📱

@dadosch so you still get lineage os updates but only of android 7? Which phone do u have?

@joeligj12 I build lineageos myself, since there are no official builds for it anymore. But I don't understand enough to port it to 8 or later. 🙃

It's a Aquaris U plus, codename "tenshi".

@dadosch It's certainly possible, but requires additional work. Personally, I don't feel very motivated to put in that effort for a 4 year old Android version.

Contributions are certainly welcome, though.

@k9mail I still hope for "a backup with account pws". perhaps with encryption. i am sick of fan people manexplaining that this is would very insecure and that I really don't want to the feature.

@waywardchild @k9mail

I am very happy to hear about the release. The only thing that bothers me a bit is that I cannot go to fdroid and update the package (yet). So I will have to remember to do that some time in the future...
I know, it's probably hard to hold back your joy about the news but maybe it would be better to do so until the release is broadly available in the repos.
Or am I getting something wrong?

@cryptgoat @k9mail Thank you, I already got it on my device and there's only one thing I'm missing: the launch window with all the accounts and folders. Everything else is great!

@cryptgoat @k9mail i dont think i can install GitHub release over fdroid's...

@EdwardTorvalds @k9mail Yeah, different signatures. 5.800 has been built and the latest testing version 5.740 on F-Droid is fine too.

@k9mail congratulations to all contributors for this big milestone!

Why is K9 Mail the only app that needs to be updated manually in Fdroid. New updates are not shown on list of app updates. I always need to search the app by its name and update to the latest version manually via the version tab.
Is that only me or do others have the same problem?

@matl It's a question of stable/suggested versions vs latest versions. most apps don't make this distinction.


@matl I think this is because all updates (until today's) were not stable releases, but beta releases and if you haven't set Fdroid to automatically update to pre-releases, these updates get ignored.

@matl @k9mail Because none of the builds after 5.600 were considered stable releases. You can configure F-Droid to install unstable releases automatically though.

@k9mail Pretty cool, like christmas presents in summer 😎

@k9mail Слишком долго ждал стабильной работы. Пользуюсь и доначу email.faircode.eu/
Очень крутой и приватный клиент. Рекомендую!

@k9mail Thanks for the great work 👍
I updated to the beta a few days ago and it works like a charm. I really like the new design, too.

@k9mail Wow good news, it's finally stable release, thanks for the persistence ^^.

The new UI is awful. Why do software developers constantly feel the need to change UIs, which most often turns out worse. In the new K-9 I can't even mark a mail as unread. Rollback to 5.7x didn't work sadly, so I had to completely reinstall 5.7x. Would be great if there would be a K-9 Classic available or if 5.8 would offer the option to use the old UI.

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