@k9mail good to know K-9 Mail is still running! Good luck with development; I'm looking forward to seeing the new version (whenever that is)! 👏👏😋📨

@k9mail Love the app, good to know that the progress is still on :)

We didn't thought K-9 is dead, we thought it's ideal which doesn't need any improvement or fixes. =)

Btw, fuck Google requirements if they hold you back. We still have holy @F-Droid with their requirements. ;)

@k9mail happy to read an official statement! I'll be honest with you, I didn't really miss any of the features and have always been updating! In fact, new beta release landed this morning 🤗

@k9mail Never stop using your app !
Glad to read about your work.

Thank you ❤️


Welcome to the Fediverse my favorite android mail client <3

@k9mail I thought it was dead; glad to know that's not the case.

@k9mail glad to hear k9 is still alive! though i have already moved on to fairmail, it is always good to have some options.

Welcome & thanks for keeping it going!
Feedback: works brilliantly on mobile & tablet - Google free android 10.

@k9mail Just signed up for a monthly sponsorship via Github, I have been using K-9 Mail for years and really want to see this app maintained and developed further! Thanks for your great work!

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