I regret having opened so many accounts on services here and there when I was less privacy concious. I still discover I have accounts on services I completely forgot and it is a pain to manually delete them... :ablobcatrainbow:

@k3rn31 Feeling this right now. Even tracking down the accounts I use and changing my email on them when I switched from gmail was painful enough, as several (even "big" websites) lack a way to change it without contacting support.

@Little__Ham yeah, been there as well. Not to count all the services with non working email changing procedure and services which have separate mailing list databases so that even if you change the email, you still receive mails to the old address...

@k3rn31 I'm totally relate.
Pinterest literally wont delete my old account, wich has been created with a google account that has since been deleted.
They keep telling me that to delete the account I have to write an email coming from that gmail adress :blobcatglare:

@comcloudway One service asked for a scan of my ID to delete the account (which I refused).

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