@asorander I use a v1 UHK 60. It's a split keyboard, with 60 keys (no numpad) so easy to carry.

Listening to is taking me back to the heady days of early . As much as I enjoyed the later seasons, I've missed PJ.

Making some nice progress with @owncast's new web UI. We're adopting to make frontend work easier for new contributors. Perfect timing for next month.

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— exist in real life
—control their identities.
—access to their own data
— Systems and algorithms must be transparent.
— must be long-lived.
— identity must be transportable
Interoperability — Identities should be as widely usable as possible.
— Users must agree to the use of their identity.
— Disclosure of claims must be minimized
— The rights of users must be protected

@tulpa @jontyms Do you think the FOSS community will add esim support to degoogled Android? I'm not aware of any reason they can't.

@tomterl I did this recently. I just asked my provider for a new esim, like I would have if I lost my phone.

It took ~5 mins for them to email me the code. Much quicker than asking for a new physical replacement but slower than just swapping the card to a new device.

@tulpa Second hand sales aren't piracy, because the author was already paid.

An author doesn't have the right to revenue from everyone consuming their content, indefinitely. They sell it. Once sold, their right to renumeration ends.

@tulpa Nope, you're right. Second hand sales don't benefit the author. They can motivate first hand sales in the future but that's not unique to second hand sales.

Look to the games industry for an example of combatting this. They tried to get rid of the free trade of second hand games. (Microsoft planned to with the Xbox One but backed off after backlash.)

They've succeeded in another way; everything is digital now, with no way to sell/trade, so there's no second hand market.

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@moddedBear The unix philosophy of "do one thing and do it well" really shines in the F-Droid store.

@hungarian_nomad @davep It's great, but it takes a lot to implement this system. It takes money, so dog owners have to pay a dog tax. Accurately collecting those taxes can be difficult if you don't already have mandatory registration for dogs. Registration means the city has to be able to handle bad actors, meaning kennels and fines.

We're extremely fortunate to have an empowered local government and decade's of experience. You could start with registration and move forward from there.

@hungarian_nomad @davep Where I live, we have compulsory training for the dog on how to behave and socialize with other dogs, and for the owner on how to behave, and their responsibilities. It's made a huge difference in the quality of dog behavior and trust for dogs in public spaces. Not to mention the reduction in poop in the grass.

Plus, free poop bags on a lot of the bins means there's never really an excuse.

@edboythinks for super duper cheap, you could buy some cheap metal framed IKEA furniture, and some rack rails.

@benjaminhollon let us know how it goes if you try deno out! I really wanted to like deno but it doesn't feel ready yet. Too many teething issues.

@techhut Another techie here! 😆 I'm a Software engineer.

@blueberry @ascott @ru This is kind of what IntelliJ does. If you buy a subscription to IntelliJ/etc., you can keep the current version forever and get access to the newest version as long as you're subscribed.

@urusan I loved KOTOR and wanted more, but couldn't get into the MMORPG format the series took on. I just read the wiki.

Spent my evening getting familiar with @owncast's frontend code. I like what I see so far. With a little elbow grease, this code will really shine.

@cruzin I had a similar experience with the keyboard during a programming interview. It was in German and I couldn't find the {}[]<>:; keys. Totally threw me.

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