Listening to is taking me back to the heady days of early . As much as I enjoyed the later seasons, I've missed PJ.

Making some nice progress with @owncast's new web UI. We're adopting to make frontend work easier for new contributors. Perfect timing for next month.

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— exist in real life
—control their identities.
—access to their own data
— Systems and algorithms must be transparent.
— must be long-lived.
— identity must be transportable
Interoperability — Identities should be as widely usable as possible.
— Users must agree to the use of their identity.
— Disclosure of claims must be minimized
— The rights of users must be protected

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Spent my evening getting familiar with @owncast's frontend code. I like what I see so far. With a little elbow grease, this code will really shine.

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As mentioned in the recent Owncast video, the project is rewriting the web interface and would love your help. If you have frontend web development experience (We're using React), or want to gain experience, now is a good time to get involved. You can have your ideas, opinions and work in the next major revamp of Owncast. Topics that are being worked on right now: Mobile support, accessibility, chat design. I've heard people criticize all these things, so now is your chance to make it better.


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