@gray Sounds to me like you're right in terms of selecting what is simplest for you. I'm a software engineer, so the static site generator workflow of having source 'code' files in git fits neatly into my preferred way of working, so it's simpler for me.

I also never try to write anything on my phone anyway, because I hate touchscreen keyboards 😅 .

I've written a blog post about my personal challenge I did this year.
- In ,
- Pure functions,
- No statements.
The blog post is about the techniques I used to make this work and how it turned out.

Oh wow, was not expecting this! Something else to consider using that gift money on.

Odroid Go Advance! Has an analog nub, shoulder buttons and is powered by a quad core rockchip CPU with 1gb RAM. $55 kit you assemble yourself. hardkernel.com/shop/odroid-go-

They show in this video playing PSP, PS1, GBA and SNES games. Looks like it is running a dull linux OS. youtu.be/okVJe6ywc4c

@wizzwizz4 @kev @oldvetcodes My experience is also the opposite. I used to use Windows as my work machine. I felt like I was constantly fighting with it. For me, the big change on moving all of my work to Linux is that when I tell Linux I want something a certain way, it tends to stay that way. I don't need to fight it anymore, so I can get on with the work I actually want to be focused on.

I think that iterators are a great thing in programming, and Rust has done them particularly well. Something I could have used when I first encountered iterators is their use side by side with the 'for loop' patterns that they replace, so I've written one! worthe-it.co.za/programming/20

I know there are many who have been arguing that Microsoft is just trying to do the right thing, and some that have said they trust Satya Nadella, but this feels like we're moving into the "Extend" phase to me.

"Microsoft Becomes Master of Its Own Linux Kernel | Developers | LinuxInsider"


I've just published a blog post about how I use Graphviz while writing using Org-mode.

I love using Org-mode when I'm writing because it makes it easy to bring programming into your writing. Graphviz is a good example of a program that fits into this ecosystem well.


(Also, first Mastodon post!)


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