is a catalog of code smells (symptoms that some code might be problematic and should maybe be refactored).

I've written up a blog article showing how you can self-host Git. No fancy frontends (even though those are nice), just Git on a server with SSH access.

people being assholes about toilets again 

I see the “genders matter because toilets” discourse is making the rounds again. It’s so unbelievably creepy the degree to which people are obsessed with who pees where

I’m a cis man. I have seen plenty of women pop into “men’s rooms” when need was urgent and lines were long. No one cared.

As a parent, there were plenty of times I had to use a “women’s room” to change my kids or supervise early toilet use. No one thought I was there to attack anyone, no one freaked out — and I’m a big scary bearded cis dude.

But trans folks want to use the right toilet and people suddenly are Very Concerned? Sorry, bullshit.

"But will it run Doom?" Yes. Yes, it does! 😆

I remade the first level using JavaScript and 64 sliders!

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Out of interest how many folk self host their git :git: repo rather than use regular platforms such as GitHub or SourceHut for example ? IF you do what are you using ?
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TDD, asking advice 

Are there any TDD gurus here? How do you handle testing when the platform you're on seems to have given very little thought to enabling testability?

I'm trying to make sure that an MV3 web browser extension handles its service worker being suspended gracefully. Except there seems to be no way to trigger that suspension in an automated test. My first instinct is to write a test, but since I can't make the service worker stop on demand I can't show what will break when it does.

Why did nobody tell me that Crash Twinsanity has such an amazing soundtrack?

Clean up the web!

A reminder that you, as a developer, can make a difference on the Web simply by choosing not to perpetuate people farming on your own sites and apps.

#web #dev #ethics

Sometimes I wonder how businesses can be so bad at things I consider fundamental and still be in business.

Me (writing email): Hi! I'm interested in attending your classes. What is your address?
Them: Thank you for your enquiry! Here's 13 screenshots from our website that tell you all about us! (none of these screenshots have an address)

Ways to contact me, ranked:
1) Text
2) Email

98) Skywriting
99) Smoke Signal
100) Phone Call

I used to use Google Analytics on my blog because I wanted to know how much traffic I was getting. I ended up switching to Awstats since it doesn't send data off to third parties (it uses server logs), and it struck me at the time how Awstats showed many more Firefox users than Google Analytics did. I think it's that Firefox users looking at my blog were more likely to block Google Analytics scripts. I don't know if that generalizes outside of my blog.

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Most statistics seem to show that Chrome is the most widely used web browser. But at the same time, if you dig deeper, most of those statistics seem to depend on third party scripts in web pages capturing browser data, which browsers with better privacy controls are more likely to block. Chrome of course it the browser that's happiest to follow all the trackers. Does anyone know of any browser statistics that compensate for this?

Bad program idea: you can select text anywhere and "copy" it. Then, you can put your cursor somewhere else and "paste" it. The secret sauce is that, before pasting, you spend a few seconds watching an AI spinner that magically washes away the original copyright and protects you from plagiarism.

i mean i don't sell dildos on ebay or show skin in a hot tub on twitch but why are Americans telling me i can't

i'm not American, stop forcing your weird values on me

go gasp in shock at a nipple on your own time, don't make me join gasp club

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I'm being really loud about Richard Stallman because I care deeply about software freedom and believe that we urgently need to figure out how to build a movement that isn't held back by him.

Me, six months ago:

Git is a difficult thing to understand, and without GitHub it must be even more difficult to understand.

Me, now:

Git makes perfect sense. Everything difficult-to-understand about it is GitHub-specific.

how did we ever survive w/o css grid and flexbox? A far cry from chiseling random combinations of display, position, and float into our stone tablets praying they laid out as expected.

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