So this week's hot topic's been GitHub Copilot... 🔥 Especially regarding copyright... and I happen to know one or two things about copyright... so... blog post! 💁🏻‍♀️ 📚

Bad program idea: you can select text anywhere and "copy" it. Then, you can put your cursor somewhere else and "paste" it. The secret sauce is that, before pasting, you spend a few seconds watching an AI spinner that magically washes away the original copyright and protects you from plagiarism.

i mean i don't sell dildos on ebay or show skin in a hot tub on twitch but why are Americans telling me i can't

i'm not American, stop forcing your weird values on me

go gasp in shock at a nipple on your own time, don't make me join gasp club

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I'm being really loud about Richard Stallman because I care deeply about software freedom and believe that we urgently need to figure out how to build a movement that isn't held back by him.

Me, six months ago:

Git is a difficult thing to understand, and without GitHub it must be even more difficult to understand.

Me, now:

Git makes perfect sense. Everything difficult-to-understand about it is GitHub-specific.

how did we ever survive w/o css grid and flexbox? A far cry from chiseling random combinations of display, position, and float into our stone tablets praying they laid out as expected.

I just remembered that my electricity is going to be out most of the day tomorrow for maintenance. I guess I'd rather they schedule maintenance and keep things working well before they break, but it's still a pain when it happens.

Microsoft Word is a roguelite because there's no permadeath but you can lose all your progress up to a certain point and you do encounter random enemies, such as control characters suddenly appearing when you save, or curly quotes.

Today I put out a blog article about the Newtype design patterns in Rust, and some of the traits in the standard library that you should implement for your Newtypes to make them pleasant to work with

I've written a blog post about my personal challenge I did this year.
- In ,
- Pure functions,
- No statements.
The blog post is about the techniques I used to make this work and how it turned out.

I think that iterators are a great thing in programming, and Rust has done them particularly well. Something I could have used when I first encountered iterators is their use side by side with the 'for loop' patterns that they replace, so I've written one!

I know there are many who have been arguing that Microsoft is just trying to do the right thing, and some that have said they trust Satya Nadella, but this feels like we're moving into the "Extend" phase to me.

"Microsoft Becomes Master of Its Own Linux Kernel | Developers | LinuxInsider"

I've just published a blog post about how I use Graphviz while writing using Org-mode.

I love using Org-mode when I'm writing because it makes it easy to bring programming into your writing. Graphviz is a good example of a program that fits into this ecosystem well.

(Also, first Mastodon post!)


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