Finally made some progress on the manual page for in :

Janus is a lightweight, general purpose WebRTC server. It can support different kinds of real-time communication apps, such as video chat and streaming.

Currently, in FreedomBox, a simple video conference room is included with Janus. This video room can be accessed by anyone who visits your FreedomBox; it does not require logging in with a user account.

The raspi-firmware package makes it pretty simple to build a 64-bit image for 4 (and 3B/3B+).

With a few tweaks, I was able to modify freedom-maker to get a working image:

My priorities for development:
1. Improve the functional tests so we can catch more bugs.
2. Resume work on systemd sandboxing for security.
3. Package and integrate new apps.

There is a FreedomBox BoF today at DebConf21 (Online).

Let me know if you want to participate (in the Jitsi call).

My has finished dist-upgrading itself to Debian Bullseye.

One app did not upgrade itself, that will be fixed in an upcoming release (hopefully today).

FreedomBox v21.4~bpo10+1 is in the backports-policy queue.

Actually every package recently uploaded to buster-backports has been placed in this queue. I don't know why or what it means, but hopefully will be cleared up soon.

I'm finishing up and testing the dist upgrade feature for , which will automatically update users to the next stable release (Bullseye). It takes a long time to do the upgrade though, so testing is quite slow.

20.13 is in the NEW queue. We won't be able to upload a newer release until it has left the NEW queue (either accepted into unstable, or rejected).

FreedomBox tip 

Create a Snapshot before trying something risky.

php-netscape-bookmark-parser is in Debian unstable now. It is a dependency for Shaarli.

Uploaded new version of web UI (plinth) to unstable last night. The most significant change is to the UI, moving from "list of apps" to "app cards". Let's see what feedback it gets from users.

Working on new packages for , should be uploaded to unstable soon.


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