Using as a main phone Day 1

First hurdle: for the life of me I can't import my contacts. I have a Nextcloud instance, so I installed the Contacts app and imported my old phone's contacts.

In GNOME's parameters, I set up my Nextcloud account as an external account. I can even access it in Portfolio, the file manager.

But GNOME Contacts is still obstinately empty. And of course, no option to import contacts from a file. 馃檮

So I've got my contacts imported, too late in the evening to test sms. Can't wait for tomorrow.

Tweaks done today:
* Set a custom background for the lock screen and the app grid. This makes Phosh look much nicer!
* Enable autorotate

@normandc IIRC in dealing with the same Contacts Sync problem on the Librem 5 with pureOS, libevolution is enough to get sync to work. If that's the case (sadly I don't have the time to confirm it right now on @mobian), it really ought to be preinstalled.

@linmob @normandc @mobian I ended up setting up my calendar/contacts/tasks in Evolution. Since it doesn't support smaller screens, I had to use SSH X11 forwarding to configure everything.

@jvalleroy @linmob @normandc evolution actually works decently on the screen when scale-to-fit is turned on...

@jvalleroy @mobian @linmob
I don't even like Evolution on the desktop all that much. Actually, I hate it. 馃槣

It did serve its purpose here. I plan on trying to set up Geary for emails.

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