Are there any / bookmark managers that make it easy to organize bookmarks into categories / hierarchies?

@jvalleroy Or Wallabag, which I remember a few folks on here recommending before:

@jvalleroy I'm using the Bookmarks app in nextcloud, and a browser extension to sync them with my in browser bookmarks.

@jvalleroy Anytime I want to know about selfhosting options I tend too look at the "awesome" list on GitHub

Wallabag is not a bookmark manager, it,s a read it later system. Have a look at shaarli
@jvalleroy @rince

@RLetot @culicid @jvalleroy that's right. But I prefer it because - at least for me the search for a bookmark / link works very well ;)

@jvalleroy #wallabag is a self hostable application for saving web pages: Save and classify articles. Read them later.


easy to install via #yunohost


you can set rules to tag the bookmarks automatically and export all bookmarks with common tag to #EPUB or other formats

#FOSS #bookmarkmanager #selfhosted #selfhosting

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