@jvalleroy I've tried Movim and the interface looks modern but... it's hard to find active members. This is a problem since it isn't part of the Fediverse. I wonder what your experience is.

@ericbuijs @jvalleroy Even though I don't use myself, I've always thought of it to be ideal for private sharing, without your close social network. As opposed to the , which I think makes more sense for public microblogging. Sadly Movim is the only implementation of sharing content on , though. So no mobile app or anything.

@stevenroose @ericbuijs @jvalleroy Salut à Toi is doing it too (I'm the main developer of it) and it's available on desktop (native, not electron), Android (native too), web, console, CLI. Could technically be available on iphones too, but you know Apple and AGPL… Movim is not the only XMPP based content sharing/social network or whatever you call it tool. Note that we are friend projects.

@stevenroose @ericbuijs @jvalleroy currently working on a big new release and on stabilisation, so if you have some technical background you can use the dev version, else it's better to wait for a couple of weeks (or use Debian/Arch package). I'll make a announcement here when the time will come.

Movim has an app for android. It's called "movim" and I'm using it. It's great. 😉

@ericbuijs @jvalleroy

@kostensenker @ericbuijs @jvalleroy
Does it ask for your own movim host? What I don't like about Movim and their web app is that it uses a custom backend server. Instead of directly talking with the XMPP server like Converse does. So if you login in the public movim instances, your sending your password over to their server.

Yes, you MUST insert some host at first. There was no standard host on first start.

@ericbuijs @jvalleroy

@jvalleroy Always enjoyed the idea of using #xmpp, especially the whole pubsub stuff, more widely. Unfortunately, few people actually seem to do so. One more communication channel with too few senders and recipients to justify spending much effort on it. 😟

@z428 @jvalleroy @stevenroose @kostensenker
I revisited Movim recently. Some features do stand out, the chat and the community. Setting up a community or a chat are both very simple. For me it's a good FLOSS replacement for Hangouts if I can convince friends to do the same.

Yes! Do it. It's really better than .... I don't know ... months before.

Now, I really like movim. I wish more people would using it. Maybe it needs some time. And of course marketing from trustworthy users.

@ericbuijs @z428 @jvalleroy

@jvalleroy Looks like a nice self-hosted alternative to WhatsApp groups (and groups on other messengers) , with richer content formatting.

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