Made chef John's Detroit style pizza (with more stuff on it). Can definitely recommend it!

It's one thing if people are oblivious to mass surveillance. It's another if they are perfectly aware and do not give a damn.

Privacy nihilism is incredibly destructive. It spreads the idea that you cannot do anything to protect your privacy and the only thing you can do is give in to surveillance.

Even everybody within my family other than me has the attitude of "bigtech already knows everything about me, why not just go full in and let them have even more data, who cares" #privacy #FOSS

in a world where all labor is quantified and tracked,. telling my boss that i "Dont know" what the fuck im working on are constitutes Heroism

What Conspiratorial Thinking Conceals, by Frank Miroslav

"conspiratorial thinking is the expression of the hope for a better world that embraces shortcuts to avoid the task of trying to accurately model and understand the state of affairs. It is a cheap balm for anxious minds overwhelmed by a complex world, a secular replacement for the relief that religion provided with the knowledge that everything that happened was part of some cosmic plan"

"What did Voltaire mean with his gardening advice? That we must keep a good distance between ourselves and the world, because taking too close an interest in politics or public opinion is a fast route to aggravation and danger. … We should never tie our personal moods to the condition of a whole nation or people in general; or we would need to weep continuously."
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We are happy to announce the release of Goblins v0.8!

Now implementing handoffs in the CapTP network protocol, opt-in (but safe, non-interfering) per-actor coroutine support, integration with Racket's IO system, and more!


3 iterations via pipe operator

people |> Enum.filter(& & |>{&, &1}) |> Enum.into(%{})

or 1 iteration via comprehension

for %{active: true} = person <- people, into: %{} do {, person} end

Wow! Didn't know that the #Debian website had been refreshed! Shows that it's been a while since I've viewed it! 😅 Looks great!! 👍


Staggering in scope. Utterly compelling.

A relentless investigation into what actually happened with the mystery seeds of 2020:

You ordered them.


@apisashla "We believe face-eating panthers and people with faces can co-exist" says the CEO of Face-Panthers Inc...

Do you want to work full time redecentralizing the internet and FIX EVERYTHING?

The Internet Archive is hiring! #dweb

idk who needs to hear this, but it is ok to stop working at the end of the business day

Anyone here using #XMPP? I’ve been seeing a lot about it lately (and a lot of roasting of #matrix, mainly in terms of #metadata leakage)

Any suggestions to getting into it / suggested instances?

Waiting for an oil change. I forgot my old routine of bringing a laptop to do some work while I wait.

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