♻️ HK LegCo pro-democratic primaries


Just voted in the local primary for pro-democracy candidates for the September LegCo elections, along with many other neighbours similarly undeterred by government warnings that participating might violate the new state Security Law, and last night’s police raid of pollster PORI.

By good luck, #Debian produces images for the #RaspberryPi4 on Tuesday, and my new #RaspberryPi arrives on Wednesday.


Time to replace my old server...

Many thanks to #GunnarWolf and the Debian Raspberry Pi Maintainer Team.

Just registered for the Activity Pub online conference conf.activitypub.rocks//#cfp

CFP is still open until today (July 8)

@alexcleac @eloquence I would love that! I think we do very well at karrot with very limited funds, by practising resource saving ourselves as much as possible.

One of the karrot developers is living in a communal housing project where annual all-in (accommodation, food, repairs, travel, etc...) costs are in the order of a few thousand *per year* per person.

I'd love to see more housing + food projects team up with software projects to help keep living costs down, and community support up.

Due to a minor error with file system permissions in the latest release (v20.12), the FreedomBox process fails to start.

A patch fix release v20.12.1 will be made soon. Your FreedomBox should automatically update itself in less than a week. The web interface will be available as soon as the update is applied.

Thanks to @kopfkind for identifying and posting the issue and solution on our forum.

Link to thread on the forum:


It's finally here, teasing is over:

I'm excited to launch today!


solution for easy encryption, signature verification and decentralized identity proofs!

I've been in favor of but I never had something to offer as an alternative. Now I do :)

I had an issue with the auto-update of my to v20.12 yesterday so that the Plinth web UI would not start. Luckily it was easily fixed with a tiny tweak of file system permissions:


I love running this box. More people should self-host their online services and take control of their data. I can recommend the Omilex Pioneer box as more than adequate hardware.

Next: "we can’t go back to a pre-AMP web to start over. The discussions about whether the AMP project should be removed, or discouraged for a different framework, have long passed."

Yes we can. And no they haven't.

I expect more from you, EFF. Geez.

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The global #OpenStreetMap conference "State of the Map" (@sotm ) is happening this weekend. Instead of meeting in Cape Town, we do it online. The good part: No registration needed, just chime in! 2020.stateofthemap.org/program

More than 15 years ago, Onion Service (at the time named Hidden Service) saw the light of day. From today (July 2nd), the Internet has around 16 months to migrate from onion services v2 to v3 once and for all. ⏰

Read more:

Governments are not going to save you from corporations.

Corporations are not going to liberate you from government interference.

"To keep reading this story, create a free account"

@codewiz @brian @elliptic

Well, actually I think they just aim for that perfection, but accept that it's not feasible for everyone. They just want regular users to be aware of the big problems that nonfree software poses.

I don't know if you got to read the latest article on Zoom by the (controversial, yes) RMS. It's everything but purist:


My personal definition of "in the cloud" is that it's running or stored on a server whose location you do not know and cannot easily find out.

If you know where it is, it's a "hosted server", not the cloud.
If you can touch it, it's "in your server room", not the cloud.

Adding ISPs to your trusted resolver program makes the program useless. It's them you're trying to shield yourself against in the first place.


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