“Parasite” is a cross over hit, becoming the first South Korean film ever nominated for an Oscar. Its success is due to the fact that it encapsulates the parasitic relationship between the rich and the working class.

So, SourceHut is not hosted in anyone's cloud. I own all of the hardware outright and colocate most of it in a local datacenter.

I just built a new server for git.sr.ht, and boy is she a beat. It cost me about $5.5K as a one-time upfront cost, and now I just pay for power, bandwidth, and space, which runs about $650/mo for *all* of my servers (10+).

Ran back of the napkin numbers with AWS's price estimator for a server of equivalent specs, and without even considering bandwidth usage it'd cost me almost TEN GRAND PER MONTH to host JUST that server alone on AWS.

AWS is how techbro startups pile up and BURN their investor money.

I thought I should try out on my laptop, but it turns out I've been using it already without realizing.

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What would be a concrete example of a Commons of Commons?

Two concrete examples of Cooperative of Cooperatives might be mutualaidnetwork.org/

They have several co-ops as members, and also a related cooperative of worker co-ops:

They do not yet do what I envision a cooperative of cooperatives to do, which is internetwork economically, where some co-ops provide inputs to other co-ops, forming a cooperative economic system.

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The Collatz Conjecture says that any number sequence where at each step you either halve the previous value if it is even, or multiply it by three and add one if it is odd, will end up at the the value one.

A deceivingly simple description. It happens to be true for every number we tried, but we don't have the theory for why.

Heading to a much warmer climate for a few days. ☀️🏝️

If you have a project, please use a Free Software solution such as for translating the app, manual or documentations.

Today, I just tried to help for its Persian translation on Transifix (which is a non-free solution). It doesn't recognize numbers in other languages! Crowdin also is not much better in such cases.

Free Software community deserves to be provided Free Software solutions for their contributions.

#FreedomBox version 19.22 has been released to the Unstable branch! Soon, it will migrate to Testing and then to Stable-backports.

-Add new app for Samba file sharing 📁
-Update translations for 3 languages 🌎
-10 people contributed❗

Details: discuss.freedombox.org/t/freed

Some discussion about #Rust software being packaged in #Debian has happened recently. This comment by dkg on the bug report is a good summary of the problems and the current state of the discussion. bugs.debian.org/945542#94

Stop 👏 Using 👏 Facebook

So many reasons, why you should consider closing your #Facebook account. Here is a nice documented list:


HyperCard was inspired by an acid trip.

I think this stage should be factored in to the SDLC.


WeDistribute needs writers! 

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