I'm in the process of installing #debian and #freedombox on another machine right now. Anyone else use it?

My Pioneer edition FreedomBox running on in-built battery backup during a minor power outage today.

I have minor power outages of a few minutes a day at my place during the rainy season. When I was running FreedomBox on a bare Raspberry Pi 2 earlier, I had to replace the microSD card once a year due to damage. The Pioneer edition has solved this problem for me.

#Debian #FreedomBox #HomeServer #Olimex #SelfHosting

is a set of fault tolerant search programs.

whichman contains three file search utilities which can match files by an approximate name. The package's namesake, whichman, searches the () DB for a manual page, searches the current directory for matching files, and searches the PATH for matching files.

Website 🔗️: linuxfocus.org/~guido/#whichma

apt 📦️: whichman

New blog post: APT Patterns

If you have ever used aptitude a bit more extensively on the command-line, you’ll probably have come across its patterns. This week I spent some time implementing (some) patterns for apt, so you do not need aptitude for that, and I want to let you in on the details of this merge request !74.


work whine 

#dh-make the Debian package that makes other Debian packages got it's first update for the year.

Not terribly exciting changes, just a bump of the Debian standards and debhelper versions mostly.

#freesw #debian

#nheko #matrix client 0.6.4 is now available in buster backports. It does not have all the features of #riot but it supports end to end encryption (though in alpha) and its lighter. There is also #revolt available in buster which just acts as a wrapper for riot.im web app. So that is two options to use matrix with official repos of Debian.


A (recent?) trend to blame mass shooting on mental illness is disturbing, worrisome and plain wrong.
It's reasonable to say a person engaging in mass shooting(s) is emotionally *disturbed*. That is not the same as mentally ill.

People who have a mental illness are FAR more likely to be a victim of violence then a perpetrator of it.

Sadly, and unsurprisingly, DemocracyNow! is the only or one of the few pointing this out.

For the new release of the #debiensourceslistgenerator I'm looking for someone who would be willing to create a small logo. Colors should be based on the #Debian logo colors. Unfortunately, I can not pay you anything and would be grateful if it were a public service and under the #MIT license, like the rest of the source code.

#debiansourceslistgenerator #opensource #freedom

is an daemon.

haveged uses the HAVEGE algorithm to inject randomness into the random number generator. HAVEGE gathers entropy from slight timing differences from processor branches and calls. Since haveged only requires a processor it is great for headless servers that exhaust their entropy quickly.

Website 🔗️: issihosts.com/haveged/

apt 📦️: haveged

The package is in unstable now: tracker.debian.org/pkg/erlang-
Thanks to erlang-team and Sergei for sponsoring the upload!

We got a tiny step closer to fully end-to-end encrypted message content in .
Version 0.0.1 of XEP-420: Stanza Content Encryption () just got published.
Still it is a long way till we're there.



First attempt at packaging an library for . I haven't used erlang before, but at least the tests are passing.

My new hobby: Adding public drinking fountains (and toilets, but it's mostly fountains that are missing so far) to #OpenStreetMap. This is so important for people to find, but still so few are marked in #OSM. At least here in Norway. It's a shame, really. And the hotter the climate gets, the more important it will become. @openstreetmap

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