My quick review of 8: Writing classes is fun. Trying to use an undocumented but official GUI framework isn't.

☎️REMINDER: #FreedomBox Conference Call
📅WHEN: Saturday, August 8 at 14:00 UTC
🧐WHO: FreedomBox core team & YOU

HOW TO JOIN: Using a Mumble voice over IP application, connect to server <> using port 64738.


Latest episode of Looks like New with @ntnsndr and @cadwellsocialcoop was super fun to listen to! Especially hearing our little nerdy coop fiction game fit into the vast landscape of Cadeell’s prolific writing world!

Here’s the link for the episode:

Which is not that hard because nobody actually believes a fixed set of things. We are bags of contradictions and constantly oscillate through a range of beliefs depending on our mood and who we're interacting with. At the end of the day, we can't even say ourselves what our "real" beliefs are, so all that really matters is what we actually do.

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That's an American gentrification of #hacking.

The original meaning of #hack INCLUDED the violation of users' taboos that poor administrators relied upon as security features.


20.13 is in the NEW queue. We won't be able to upload a newer release until it has left the NEW queue (either accepted into unstable, or rejected).

25 Years of Free Software

25 years ago on 24th July 1995 I released my first Free Software program called axdigi.

Time has gone quickly! A lot what was written has fallen away (I completely forgot I wrote ttylinkd for example).

I'm still writing Free Software or Open Source and still enjoy it.

#debian #foss #opensource #floss

0.4 has just launched! Small update but a huge increase in benefit for :xmpp: users 🎉

You can now add fingerprints to your identity proofs and if the proof is verified, you'll get a QR code which automagically trusts your OMEMO keys upon scanning with the app!

Blog post with details and an example:

There's just never enough time! For anything!

I might have some form of ADD.

interesting online confs this summer:
25/7 ➞ 2/8 HOPE
(Hackers on Planet Earth)

30/7 ➞ 31/7 Dat Conference
(a peer-to-peer ecosystem)

8/9 ➞ 13/8 our networks
(do-it-together && (online || offline || p2p))

"Fediverse of Things" sounds like it could be disingenuous, but I'm sincere. Plenty of today's microprocessors are packing more power and storage than Tim Berner-Lee's 80486 at Cern that ran the first web server. Running ActivityPub on self-forming mesh and other ad hoc networks would be a great way to structure local information exchange

When my daughter plays Overwatch, she's matched with players from all over North America on a centralized server, with all the network latency and power usage that implies. My use case for a FoT would be surfing local Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, LoRaWAN and other protocols for gaming and other social match ups

Time is 13:37, so let's make this 🎉

This is the new dedicated account for the project, easy and for all in a fully and friendly package!

Developed by @yarmo
Read more about the project here:

Let's make distributed identity happen! 😎

In the beginning of this year I joined New Vector (the company behind #Matrix) to improve the state of instant messaging. The open-source mindset is exactly what I had been looking for and I'm very happy to be able to work on Matrix full-time.

Today we renamed to #Element.

The Debian source package for #FreedomBox web application has been renamed from plinth to freedombox. The binary packages were already called freedombox.

Since we are renaming the source package to "freedombox", the 20.13 release will need to go through the NEW queue. This means that this release will take longer than usual to be available in Debian repositories.

how2 avoid youtube 

1. Youtube provides RSS feeds. They're very useful.
They are in the form of<channel ID>

2. mpv - and probably others - can open Youtube URLs directly.

3. On Android, there's a piece of software called NewPipe that parses YouTube webpages - and RSS feeds - to provide a more pleasant interface.

3. There's a Firefox addon that redirects Youtube pages to Invidious automatically.

4. If you combine these, you can avoid ever opening the site. I have a script[1] that decides whether to open mpv or a web browser when I click an entry in QuiteRSS for stuff I care about.

5. You can feed youtube-dl a channel or playlist URL and it will download the lot.

Bonus: not using the website will probably result in you wasting less time as you're not subject to their psychological warfare.


In virtual worlds 15 years ago, people built malls as a sign of some aspirational Americanistic form intrinsic to the capitalist environment. They couldn’t imagine another way for exchange to happen.

Now people build virtual malls as an effort at nostalgia and retro visualization, a dream mall without any exchange, the form itself an anachronism. Amazon long since digested the mall, and eviscerated the last vestiges of the organic communal.

Some horrible milestone has been passed.

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