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ECA stands for "Events - Conditions - Actions". It lets you automate 9 and Drupal 10 sites right from the admin interface without custom code.

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While this is still a beta release, it stabilizes a lot and gets used in production environments more and more so that we're able to identify the (hopefully) final gaps what needs to be added before the final 1.0 release.

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Its capabilities are impressive - even to us, the maintainers. Beta 12 comes with a few new components. Can't name them all but want to draw your attention to eca_form and eca_cache, one is brand new and the other one a huge improvement compared to beta 11. ECA Form lets you build, alter, validate and submit forms in almost any possible way. Without any custom code, just from within the admin UI of your site.


Thanks! Do you have any use cases in mind what it could do for you? We're keen to make ECA a really serious component in the drupalverse
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Yes, I want to use it in one of my projects to substitute a custom module :-) Easier to maintain and the "community" efforts instead of the own coder efforts.

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