When I was a kiddo, my only source of music was this german music television channel called Viva (like MTV, but music-only). I remember hearing D.A.N.C.E the first time, and oh boi did I fell in love with this song (and the fancy shirts in the video). Next day I sat in front of the TV the WHOLE day, just to hear this song again... Back then the struggle without Internet was real.

#NowPlaying #Justice #D.A.N.C.E



@rarepublic Great track! I remember when that came out also but it wasn't until I went to uni and met French folk that were obsessed that I was properly introduced to them and electro in general.

@jumboshrimp There's so many great french artists, especially in House/Electro. No wonder the frenchies at your Uni were into Electro as well.

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