"I don't know where, but she takes me there"

Love a bit of Beach Boys, although I wouldn't say it was psychedelic rock, according to the playlist I'm listening to...

My desk mat got delivered! Now my work setup looks great, with my new Logitech left-handed mouse, Keychron K2 keyboard, 38" Dell widescreen monitor and completed with a vibrant desk mat.

Now wait until users start asking me how to get a similar setup...

mass shooting, uspol 

I can't imagine living in a 'civilised' country where hundreds of times a year, troubled people buy body armour and assualt weapons and go on a rampage, killing random innocent people. And politicians then throw their hands up and say nothing can be done about it.


Now time to dive into some psychedelic rock. Hit me up with some recommendations if you have any.

Another boxing class completed. I think maybe I'm starting to get the hang of things. Still, a long way to go!

Here goes nothing! Today I have some tech-house, vocal house and deep house, peppered with disco and finished off with some techno. A recipe for disaster? You tell me!


@jnktn_tv Albeit something we all take for granted, how special is it to connect with people from across the world? It's really something.

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Cocktail after cocktail here, as usual on a Saturday. Let's see how my DJ mix in 45 mins goes...

@jnktn_tv has been absolutely class so far today, so THANK YOU to all who have tuned in. It means a lot to put work into something and for people to appreciate it.

@jnktn_tv has just started streaming on their #owncast server! Check them out at:

A streaming platform which uses and promotes open-source software.

#music #streaming #owncast #dj #live #radio

Putting together the tracks for my DJ set tomorrow on @jnktn_tv. A good mix of mid and high energy house and techno (so far).

On from 9pm - 11pm tomorrow UTC+1 if you're able to join. Hope to see yous there!

Ah, yes! The mandatory inclusion of teens playing tunes to everybody. Love it! ๐Ÿคฎ

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The bus arrived! Only a 45 minute wait for a service that runs every 10 minutes. I got a seat though, so that's nice.

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And with that bus failing to arrive, it means the next one will be absolutely packed (whenever the fuck that one turns up).

At least it's sunny out!

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I like the idea of public transport when I don't use it, but dislike it when I do. Let's see how many more busses fail to arrive before I give up and walk home...

Folk think they're entitled to everything and shit the bed when we say no. Thankfully, my boss takes as much joy as we do in telling them to swivel.

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I hate it when users make shit up just to try and get an upgrade for something. That's somebody looking to get a 38" widescreen monitor to replace their 'broken' 2 x 32" 4k monitors.

My boss told him we don't allow users to have the 38" monitors at home, and now the monitors are working again all of a sudden. Idiot...

Got my Steam Deck reservation email today. Tempting... but... money...

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