Food (meat) 

Making a meatzza! Meatball mix as the base, with a generous helping of mozzarella for the top. Here's the before shot.

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Beer fans! 🍻

Have you checked out the #beer hashtag on the Fediverse?

There are lots of photos, links, reviews etc.

You can also try #CraftBeer and #BeersOfMastodon


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Like every wednesday, I'll be streaming some music made with #TidalCycles over at my Youtube channel: later today at 21:00 CET

I've started watching The IT Crowd again, this time with my partner. Some real funny stuff in there. The change in emergency number had me in stitches.

[singing number] 0118 999 88199 9119 725... 3.

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This Saturday!

Vera takes a break this week from her Radio Show, so along with the usual slots from Andrina and Gary we have something new. Tune in from 5pm for 'Welcome to the TreeHaus' with @jumboshrimp & Fabs. We're not sure what this will entail, but you can bet your bottom dollar it'll be an adventure.

Need to book a visit to the dentist as it's been more than a year since the last one. Not a fan of the place I'm registered with at the moment so will just register elsewhere. I think you can just do that without any declaration. We'll see.

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Thanks to Andrina for the last 90 mins.

NOW PLAYING: Gary's Citrus Club. Indie tunes to keep you entertained!

#indie #stream #livestream #radio #jnktn #music #owncast

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Thanks to Vera for the last 2 hours. A great show to start off our return.

NEXT UP: @jumboshrimp's Radio Show. Today the theme is 'pozzy vibes', a mix of 00s and 10s feel-good beats to help us keep that positive mindset now that there's light at the end of this shitshow of a tunnel.

Come say hi!

#music #livestream #stream #radio #jnktn #owncast

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10 minutes until we're live! On her 14th appearance, we start off as usual with Vera's Radio Show. Today she has a mix of disco and other great tracks from the 70s.

#disco #jnktn #music #stream #livestream #ShakeYourBumCheeks #owncast

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Website is live! See you lovely folk at 4PM today. Oh, it's good to be back!

Now listening to a Carl Cox Essential Mix from '98. I really wish I'd experienced what clubbing was like back then, although it would mean I'd be a good bit older now. Still, those seemed to be the days of the rave and of the peak of Ibiza.

Must. Resist. Urges. To. Order. Food. I've put on a good bit of weight over the past few months and I really need to be good. Or do I?

Just listening to Ian Pooley's Essential Mix from '98 and fine tuning the @jnktn_tv logo. I'm starting to understand how to do things in Inkscape now which is great.

I really struggle to believe it's Friday. The rate at which these weeks pass is madness. One day it's Monday, the next Friday, then again Monday. Either way, HAPPY FRIDAY!

Sad to see what's going on with Audacity, but the PR thread is quality entertainment.

That's jazz, baby!

Had a proper go at the DDJ-200 just now and tested it with OBS to see how that all works. Takes a little getting used to using Rekordbox to mix but I'm still amazed how great this wee thing is.

Since it uses a splitter cable, I had to change the audio settings in OBS so that it captures only one channel, but I think I've got it working.

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