@bhart Yeah, I think that's your best bet then. I know there was a trimmed down version back in the LAMP heyday, but I don't recall what it was. I think some trimmed down MediaWiki version is going to be your most user friendly, community supported option. :)

@werwolf Yeah, it'll take a minute to clean out my gmail though. I actually helped Google when they started, before they turned in to a bunch of greedy losers. If gmail accounts had numbers, mine would be like #260 or something.
Still, it's coming. It's coming. ;)

@blueberry Yep, that's the movie. I got my Commodore VIC-20 and modem in 1981, got bored with the whole mess by 1982. Somebody at the base must have leaked an incident report to Hollywood, because too many of the details line up. It was actually a few years before the movie came out on VHS tape and I saw it. When I showed it to my friend I had help me, he turned sheet white and asked how they knew about it?! The last half of the movie is pure fiction, of course. ;)

@blueberry No, you can fake it, if the CPU is fast enough. The stack holds on to all of the threads. It will check for any changes in the messenger program, then ignore it, then check the email program, then ignore it, then send a few bits of music at the media player, then ignore it. As long as the stack manager and the CPU can run faster than the demand, the end user can't tell. When everything chokes up or crashes though.. that's why. ;)
God knows why they did that. Android is mutli-threaded.

@blueberry The first security they implemented was a parity bit. So every 9th click was always an extra 1. Then they tried no parity bit, every 9th click was a zero. They just kept changing junk and throwing stuff at the wall. It stopped being fun after the baud rates got too fast to type by hand. We mucked around with hacked modems and black boxes, but once they started doing actual authentication, THEN hacking in would have been illegal. We quit after that.

@blueberry Back in the day, you could enter 1's and 0's in to the computer system just by clicking the receiver on the analog handset to create characters.. sort of like morse code. I would do the typing and have a friend write down my digits and the response digits. We would just 'ping' through each menu figuring out what did what, one at a time. There was no security. I'm not sure NASA ever figured it out. Magic Mountain sure did though.

..AND that's precisely why I deleted me passwords out of my Google account, Google.

@blueberry Being the actual guy they made the movie War Games about. :D
..A friend and I also busted a Russian spy ring, but nobody remembers that.

@blueberry It's really a programmers nightmare. Last time I checked, it wasn't even multi-threaded, it just depended on a stupid fast CPU to fake it. If you can't play music and check your email at the same time.. I'm going to stand by that iCrap statement. ;)

@jjspano Oh, I know!! I think a lot of them are the liberal enforcement police. The bots are too dumb to outwit anyone with any sense. Then the real people jump in who are just too dumb to be real.
re:tinfoil hats Somebody posted a WW2 handgun on Facebook. I said: NEVER post a gun serial number, because Facebook and the others use Googles image search technology to pull out the serial number and send it directly to some illegal database somewhere
20 people variously told me I was nuts, 3 didn't

@kambing Gotta admit.. my Win7 video card driver took a permanent vacation earlier this week. I had OpenSUSE on another partition, so I didn't even mess with that headache yet.. but it's still worlds better than Windoze 10. ;)

@alexbuzzbee @bunni @kambing @rune @bignose Now now, when the bartender says you've had enough.. you've probably had enough. :D

@Tay0 That's really cool! Are the spools on a spindle? Looks like they are.

@Tay0 Anything important gets tinned. I've become highly adept at twisting wires by hand over the years though, because there is a lot of stuff that just isn't that important. ;)

@Tay0 HAH! Yours is named Moose too? That is so awesome! :D

@Tay0 Aw! I had a Golden Lab that size once! We called him Moose. Dumb as a box of rocks, but he was a good boy! One time, he even made every German Shepard at the U.S. border patrol piss their pants. :D (I'm not anti-border patrol, and this was YEARS ago, but the agents were terribly irritated that their drug dogs were too scared to approach my car. It was amusing. :D )

@kelbot That's amazing. With some heavy GorillaGlass and a (real) waterproof speaker, you could throw that at a 5 year and expect it to survive more than ten minutes. :D

@kzimmermann I told those clowns two years ago.. the entire country IS NOT.. NOT on the internet 24x7! I can't even explain how mad that attitude makes me without throwing in some colorful language.

@ralismark Wikipedia has been becoming more and more corrupt for about 5 years now. I've been actively campaigning against them. I just hope something comes up to fill their shoes. It is SOOO important to be able to get factual information these days.

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