@blueberry Being the actual guy they made the movie War Games about. :D
..A friend and I also busted a Russian spy ring, but nobody remembers that.

@jtlong woah this movie???imdb.com/title/tt0086567/

That’s also pretty cool. How’d you do it? Also, I’ve heard that all the extra surveillance by the US has never actually helped do anything like that. What are your thoughts?


@blueberry The first security they implemented was a parity bit. So every 9th click was always an extra 1. Then they tried no parity bit, every 9th click was a zero. They just kept changing junk and throwing stuff at the wall. It stopped being fun after the baud rates got too fast to type by hand. We mucked around with hacked modems and black boxes, but once they started doing actual authentication, THEN hacking in would have been illegal. We quit after that.

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