@philosopher My step-son is convinced that Wim Hoff is some sort of demi-god. I've told him a hundred times that that breathing stuff only gives you about a 10% boost in energy. If you're a couch potato.. well, 10% of nothing is... nothing. If you're in prime shape however, THEN those breathing techniques can be a game changer. Bottom line, my step-son learned what dedication and fortitude are while trying to get in to prime shape. ..not actually sure if he's still keen on the Wim Hoff stuff..

@jtlong There's a lot of hype around Wim Hof now that he's a company. He's still a phenomenal person. Breathing is the base but exercise is at the top!

@philosopher Ug, I didn't know he was a 'company' now. My step son got interested in him years and years ago, looking up real ninja stuff on the internet.. or some such nonsense. ;)

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