..AND that's precisely why I deleted me passwords out of my Google account, Google.

Is it necessary to host a video on YouTube these days? I'm actually here trying to escape those clowns and their ilk.
The video wasn't working on your page, so I clicked the link and it popped up on YouTube. Of course, I have scripting disabled for YouTube, so THAT didn't work right off the bat.. and that caught me by surprise. I was like 'Why isn't YouTube working?? ..Oh yeah, I disabled it, on purpose!'

@mike Linux is floundering. SUSE had the ball, and they dropped it. Now they're sliding in to obscurity

Ubuntu is pissing people off, and Mint isn't NEAR big enough to bear the weight of the Linux world on its shoulders.

The Linux world needs to stop shooting themselves in the foot and stick to the best open source options available across the OS. NOBODY wants to develop for Linux. Windoze is all but dead, and Linux can't even pick up the waning market share.

Why aren't Linux tablets a thing?

@philosopher My step-son is convinced that Wim Hoff is some sort of demi-god. I've told him a hundred times that that breathing stuff only gives you about a 10% boost in energy. If you're a couch potato.. well, 10% of nothing is... nothing. If you're in prime shape however, THEN those breathing techniques can be a game changer. Bottom line, my step-son learned what dedication and fortitude are while trying to get in to prime shape. ..not actually sure if he's still keen on the Wim Hoff stuff..

@kev Never heard of JAMStack. You might check out Wix. It's a hot mess right now, because they're trying to add every feature under the sun at once.. but I do like where they're going. I love their mobile app. More like a full featured website suite than a blogging suite like WordPress started out as. Still, I dunno, you might like it. :)


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