@jinxd I updated my system. I can solve it if I look into it. But just wanted to go for another distro. Nothing wrong with arch linux. I love arch linux btw. Especially the documentation. Let's see how long I will be on nixos.

Back on nixos. Arch was doing good for 2 months. But a major crash occurred 2 days ago. Needed a stable distro. What better than a linux distro that can never break?

What's your primary OS?

Boosts appreciated for sample size :)

@derek There is another fork called audiocity. It is in the AUR. Planning to test it today or tomorrow. The project is looking for maintainers.

Loving NixOS. Found ways to fix the problems I have been having with NixOS. Wait for a video explaining my nixos config file.

Void linux is my new daily driver. I like it very much. Learn how to install the base iso.


@floppy I am currently using 11. This may increase in the future.

@mdrights I know that. I definitely do. Just common terminology.

@sotolf That's all you should need. Anything more than that is bloat according to me. I will install the programs I want, that includes basic stuff like networking and sound.

Linux is awesome. You have know idea how excited I am when I learned that you can alias commands in bash. :ac_pleased:

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